How to Use Victorian government QR code App service?

The Victorian Government QR scanner app is helps in identification of COVID patients in any of the public places within Victoria in Australia.

The app is right now not mandatory for businesses to download but then it will become mandatory in the coming times. It is a free app and has a user-friendly interface. 

What is the Victorian Government QR code app?

victorian government qr code app

The Vic Gov QR code scanner is having direct access to the Victorian Department of Health and if necessary tracing of systems and business will become easy. Whenever a particular COVID-19 case is identified, directing contact tracing team members is easier towards those facilities and public places.

The Free QR code scanner is being encouraged in places meant for the public like clubs, pubs, offices, businesses, shops, swimming pools, theatres, and many other such places.

The app was built to make life easy for businesses during the COVID-19 times. Through the app scanner, people can easily make contact with the health sector and intimate them of any potential COVID-19 cases in their vicinity.

How to Download the Vic Gov QR code app?

 Downloading the Victoian Government QR code scanner app is easy. You can download the Vic Gov QR scanner app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

– Search for the Free QR code scanner in Google Play Store for Android devices and QR code scanner iPhone in Apple app store for iOS devices.

– Now click on the Install or Get button and then wait for the QR code app to get downloaded.

How to USE Victorian government QR code service?

To use a Vic Gov QR scanner app service, one has to register with the app.

– Check the email and verify your email address.

– Create a password as part of your login details and put in your details.

– Incorporate a location and add a contact who can serve as the primary point of contact.

– Include an area; add locations, set up a Kiosk check-in service

– From the screen bottom, a person has to open the Victorian QR Service app and then has to click by touching the contact tracing check-in tab.

– Now place your phone to turn your focus on the QR code of the facility.

– Type in your first name, last name, and then phone number. Click on the Check-in to this location tab on your app.

– Wait for the green tick on your screen to know you are checked in.

FOR Business

You are supposed to register your business and once you receive a QR code, you are supposed to display it.

Once you register with the app, you will receive a download link and if you have registered from multiple locations you will receive multiple QR code links which you will have to download and put for display.

How to Check in Service Victoria?

There are two ways to check in service victoria. First one is by using the Service Victorian App and the second one is by using your phone’s camera (Note-Make sure your android OS is above or equal to 6.0)

The first method is for those whose android version is less than 6.0 or don’t have an iphone.

First method

  • Open the Service Victoria App.
  • Now Click on the “Contact Tracing check-in”
  • Now scan the QR code given on The POSTER.
  • The new screen will appear on your phone asking you to enter your details. like your NAME & Phone Number.
how to check in vic gov qr code app
  • Enter the details and click on the “Check-in to this Location” orange colored button given below.
  • Look for the green tick. Congrats you are checked in.

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Second Method

  • Open your Phone’s camera and scan the QR code Given on the Poster.
  • You will be asked to enter your Name and Number. Enter the details and click on the Check in button given below.
how to check in vic gov qr code app
  • Wait for the Green Tick to check in.

Is Victorian Government QR App SAFE?

The data stored in the app is wiped out every 28 days unless it is requested by the Victorian health facilities. It is stored securely and safely in secure databases and managed by the Victorian government.

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