How to get Venmo’s $10 bonus code (Complete Guide)?

Do you know about Venmo? Does it provide a free signup bonus to eligible and new users? Continue reading this blog to learn everything about the signup bonus code. Venmo is a famous mobile payment app. It is used to transact money among friends. It means you can either send the money to anyone or receive the money from anyone easily through Venmo.

Venmo is mainly used to divide bills and pay debt. There is one free money code only provided by Venmo. Venmo allows new users to avail of the $10 when they sign up successfully with the help of a promo code or free money code. It is also important for users to meet the Venmo eligibility criteria to avail $10 signup bonus.

The best fact is that there are many more offers by Venmo than only a free money code. So, if you want to know how to get a signup bonus, how it works, whether the signing bonus by Venmo is legit, and many more facts, then you should read the complete guide.

How to get Venmo’s $10 bonus?

As we tell you, Venmo is a mobile payment app owned by PayPal. The account holders at Venmo can transfer funds with others through Venmo. Your transfers are processed immediately using the best mobile payment app, Venmo. You should sign up if you are not a Venmo account holder.

After signing up successfully, you can get the $10 bonus. Now the fact is how to get a $10 bonus through Venmo. Check the details given below to get Venmo’s $10 bonus.

  • You simply create a new Venmo account.
  • While signing up, add the correct phone number and verify it to create a new Venmo valid account.
  • After this step, you can receive the $10 bonus in your eligible user-valid Venmo account in 30 days. Keep in mind that sometime it will become in your account sooner than 30 days.

This is an amazing Venmo bonus from signing us we have seen in 2022. You can earn the $10 signup bonus on the minimum amount of $5. You can transact money easily in any part of the US by using Venmo. If you want to use a convenient and easy way to transact money, then Venmo is the best option; as you see, you will receive a $10 Venmo bonus to your valid user account.

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How to get Venmo’s $10 bonus code?

venmo 10$ bonus

Here are the steps to avail of the Venmo $10 bonus code. To get the $10 bonus code through Venmo, you must read and follow the given points.

Step 1: Open the eligible user valid account through Venmo

It is easy to open your eligible user-valid account through Venmo. All you need to follow some simple steps given below

  •  Download and install the Venmo payment application on your device
  •  Choose the desired method for signing up, either through email or Facebook
  • Set the password to, of minimum 8 words or a maximum of 32 words
  •  In last, verify your given email address

Step 2: Add the right phone number and verify it

When you verify your given email address, you must add you are the correct phone number and verify the same. Here are some simple steps to add and verify your contact number

  •  Log in to the Venmo application and click on the icon which shows a single person.
  • Tap on the option of “settings” at the top right section of the app page
  •  Under preferences, click on “account.”
  • Choose ” phone number” & enter your valid phone number in a given field
  • After that, Venmo sends the verification code to your given contact number. Enter this verification code and verify your phone number.

If your given phone number cannot receive the verification code, tap on ” resend code” or send a text message to 86753 to ensure that your phone provider allows messages through Venmo.

Step 3: Enter and save the bonus code on Venmo

While signup, you have to enter & save the bonus code on the app. It is important because it will validate your offer participation if all eligibility criteria are fulfilled.

Step 4: Pursue the payments

The last and final step to get a $10 bonus code through Venmo is to pursue the payment from your valid user account at Venmo. Remember that the qualifying amount is at least $5, which you have to initiate from your Venmo active account to avail of the bonus code.

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Is Venmo’s $10 bonus legit?

Yes, Venmo’s $10 bonus is legit. Sometimes, it is true that Venmo provides a $10 reward to users for using this payment application. As of writing time, some offers end on a certain date. And many more offers will come in the future. If you avail of the $10 bonus offer from Venmo, then it is suggested that you first check whether they have a legitimate email or not.

Venmo $10 bonus email

It is important to ensure that the sender’s email address is the official email address of Venmo. The official email address ends with And Any other email address is a scam. It will be a real scam if you received any bonus-related information on your email address through these two emails.

How to get Venmo’s $10 reward?

An eligible user on Venmo should complete the following steps within the offer time to get the Venmo $10 reward.

  • Sign up for your valid Venmo user account
  •  Ensure to add the correct phone number and verify it for a new Venmo valid account
  • While doing this, you must also enter the bonus code and save it on the app during the signup process.
  • After creating a successful new valid account, entering the bonus code, and pursuing the qualifying payments in time.
  • You should make the qualifying payment of at least $5, which will only be funded through a linked credit card or bank account.
  • Remember that business profiles are not qualified for the reward. And the payment you should pay will be only from your valid Venmo account.

After you make the payment and Venmo verifies it, they will send the $10 reward to your eligible user account. The reward will be added to eligible users’ valid Venmo accounts in 24 hours, but in some cases, it may take up to 14 days.

How to get Venmo to sign up bonus code?

Through the Venmo promotion, you will get the signup bonus code. For this, you must download the Venmo app and sign up here successfully with your valid email address and contact number to avail of the signup bonus code.

Once successfully signed up, the bonus will be added within 7 days to your eligible user-valid account. Remember that you cannot get Venmo to sign up for a bonus code if you are already a user of Venmo. To claim the bonus code, follow the given steps.

  • Visit and go to the bonus section.
  •  Sign up for your account with the help of a link sent to your given email address
  •  Deposit at least $10 within the period of seven days for your Venmo account
  • Now, enjoy the signup bonus code.

How to get Venmo’s $15 offer?

Venmo sends the email to some users with a $15 bonus offer. The email is sent to those users who have not used the Venmo app. There are no specific requirements to avail of the $15 bonus offer. Check the following offer term to get Venmo’s $15 bonus.

1.  To qualify for the $15 offer, you must complete certain things within the offer time.

  •  Click on an invitation link.
  •  Log in to your valid user Venmo account on the app
  • In this way, $15 will be sent to your valid user Venmo account

2.  In case qualifying transactions are incomplete or not recorded by servers of Venmo within the offer time, then qualifying transactions are not eligible for a $15 offer

How much is the Venmo referral bonus?

venmo referral bonus

According to the Venmo referral program, you get the rewards if your relatives and friends avail of the signup bonus with your referral link. The referral bonus ranges from $1 to $5, $10 to $20, and $50 too. You have to meet the following criteria to get the referral bonus.

  •  You are a resident of a US country
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • Choose Venmo as your main payment method.


Venmo provides the chance for new users to get a $10 bonus. The users can use the free money code during the sign-up process. It is important that every user meet the eligibility criteria to get the chance to sign us up for bonus and referral schemes.


Does Venmo have a signup bonus?

Yes, Venmo has a signup bonus. You must enter and save the promo code in the application during signup. Once you successfully completed your signup process and Venmo verified you, you can get the $10 to your valid account.

Why did Venmo pay me $5?

Once you sign up and complete the payment successfully, and Venmo verifies you, you are eligible to get $5 in your valid account. These rewards will be paid by Venmo to eligible users with valid accounts in 24 hours.

Does Venmo have a promotion?

Yes, Venmo provides the promotion program. You should open your valid account and link to your credit card and bank account. Pursue the $5 payment, funded by a linked credit card or bank account. You should do this all within 14 days of the signup process.

How do I get my 5 free Venmo?

Follow the given steps to get a free $5 reward from Venmo.

  • Tap on the link in the notification of the app
  • You will get $5 to your valid Venmo account in 5 days. In some cases, it may take up to 2 weeks.

How do I use Paypal's $10 rewards?

When you buy something online, select the checkout way with Paypal. Choose your eligible rewards cards in the form of payment. You must check the use of the option of rewards points here. Then, you should enter the points numbers you use to shop online.

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