How to pay on Grubhub with Venmo (Complete Guide)?

Do you have any information about Venmo? Do you know the way to pay on grubhub through Venmo? Venmo is undoubtedly considered a well-known payment method in the country due to its extensive features. There is no need to carry physical cash. You can easily make payments or receive payments from others, through the Venmo app, at your convenience level.

On the other hand, Grubhub has made a convenient food delivery option for people by boosting the restaurant options available to them. If you want to know whether you are using both applications, Grubhub, and Venmo, together or not, then this article is just for you.

Keep reading the article to learn everything about Grubhub and Venmo.

How to pay on Grubhub with Venmo?

Grubhub with Venmo

As we tell you, GrubHub allowed Venmo to make payments. Here are the simple steps you should follow, if you want to pay on Grubhub with Venmo

1. Before starting to pay, ensure that you can add Venmo as an accepted payment method on Grubhub.

2. After that, open the Grubhub app and explore the available restaurants in your area by diving into the restaurant list, filtering by adding your address or searching by specific restaurant or cuisine.

3. Add the items to your menu, and go to checkout when placing an order.

4. Check the order details and ensure everything is good. If you want specific instructions, you can easily add the delivery instruction before placing an order.

5. Go to the option of payments, and click on Venmo

6. And finally, make the payments through Venmo on Grubhub. 

How to use Venmo on Grubhub?

It is easy to use Venmo on Grubhub. You must first install and log in to both apps on your phone, Venmo, and Grubhub. Else, this payment method does not work. Follow the given steps to learn how to use Venmo on Grubhub.

1. Log in to your Grubhub and Venmo accounts on your smartphone

2. Fill your cart with chicken, tacos, or any other food you want to place an order on the Grubhub app, and then go to the checkout.

3. Check the order details and select Venmo under the payment method

4. The pop-up window of the Venmo app appears as you log in to the app. Click on the authorization option to permit future payments through Venmo on Grubhub.

Grubhub Venmo is not working on a “Solution.”

What to do if Grubhub Venmo is not working? Sometimes, the conditions occur when Grubhub does not work with Venmo to pay bills, place orders, etc. Nothing to worry about; here is the straightforward thing you should do if Grubhub Venmo is not working.

  • Ensure that both of your apps are updated as per the current latest version
  • Close both apps and open them again
  • Uninstall both the Grubhub and Venmo apps, and install them again. Ensure that you can save your information to make a login again after installing.

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How do I set up Venmo on Grubhub?

If you want to set up Venmo on Grubhub, you must install both applications on your device to get authorized access. Here is the step-by-step process to set up Venmo as the accepted form of Payment on Grubhub.

1. First, you must download and install Grubhub and Venmo on your device. If you do not have an account on it, create your account on both apps, and log in to your accounts.

2. Go through the restaurant’s options on Grubhub and add the items on your menu to your cart as usual.

3. Move to checkout when you decide to place an order through GrubHub

4. Next, you have to review your order and insert the delivery instructions, if any specific you want to

5. Go to the method of Payment, and add Venmo here.

6. Now, the Venmo app is open directly from there. Pop up a menu of Venmo and asks you whether you want to permit Grubhub to make payments.

7. Tap on authorize, and add Venmo to the list of payment methods on Grubhub.

Once you complete the above steps, you permit Grubhub to charge through your Venmo account when you checkout.

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How to order from GrubHub with Venmo?

As we know, Grubhub has allowed Venmo integration on its platform and made it easier for users to use the Venmo balance on every order placed on Grubhub. To place an order on Grubhub with the help of Venmo, you have to select Venmo from the given payment options instead of selecting credit or debit card or entering your card details.

If you still need to get your account on the Venmo app, you must make it as soon as possible. Once you log in, the app will show you a pop-up and ask for charge authorization on the Grubhub order.

It will help you to authorize future purchases to be charged to your Venmo account. It will also increase the ease of use and always develop a quick checkout process.

Grubhub instant cash out Venmo

With the new partnerships, Grubhub provides immediate access to its drivers to access their earnings through instant cashout through direct to debit, which Hyperwallet enables. It enables the driver with a qualified debit card from the bank to deposit their earnings to Venmo.

Cashing out is considered an important feature of GrubHub drivers, and they are frequently innovating the best possible experience to deliver. Instant cashouts direct to Venmo is the latest step by Grubhub to increase their drivers’ flexibility and financial stability and roll out to all drivers on Venmo. 

Venmo won’t connect to Grubhub “Solution.”

Are your grubhub accounts not connected with venmo? If yes, then here is a solution for you. Sometimes GrubHub shows errors, due to which Venmo cannot connect with GrubHub, and payments are not made. People are wondering about the solution to what they do if Venmo is not connected with Grubhub.

If your Grubhub application does not work with Venmo and shows an error message on the screen, then you should try the given options.

  • Update your application
  •  Update your phone
  • Server problems
  • Unstable network connection
  • VPN problems
  • Internet browser problems

Grubhub Venmo promo code

We all know that GrubHub adds Venmo as the preferred payment method and also provides discounts for using Venmo during the checkout process.

  1. Offer at Grubhub

You can use the promo code VenmoTREAT during the checkout process and pay through Venmo to claim the $10 off delivery orders whose price is more than the $15

  1. Key aspects

Offer is available on a first-serve, first come, and on-delivery order basis of more than $15. To redeem this amount, you must enter the promo code on Grubhub during checkout and continue paying for your order through Venmo. Limit to your one redemption on every diner term during the promo time. Remember that the promo code is separate from the other Grubhub discounts.

Grubhub Venmo Refund

The information on grubhub Venmo refund comes from its policy. Grubhub’s new policy declared that they rolled out the new changes regarding customer refunds. Even the side of the company that treats their restaurants equally concerning the refund policy at Grubhub fascinates the user.

It has appeared like good practice for customers who have minor complaints about GrubHub Venmo orders, such as incorrect or missing details. The new policy of Grubhub states that they will refund the customer money, out of the account of the restaurant, without the need to contact the exact restaurant where you place an order online.

If customers think there is nothing wrong with the order, Grubhub provides the refund policy access. With this policy, customers do not need to visit the restaurants from where they place the order, or also restaurants do not need to pick up the phone or email from the customer side.

Grubhub handles all these matters. They will guarantee the customers to give access to the refund policy and get all their money back even after getting the order delivered.


Grubhub accepts Venmo as a payment method only if you place the order through the app. You must have access to both Grubhub and Venmo apps; in both, you must log in to your account to use them as payment methods.


Does grubhub accept Venmo?

Yes, Venmo is one of the popular and accepted payment methods on Grubhub. GrubHub permits users to split their bills with friends with the help of Venmo.

Can you pay GrubHub with Venmo?

Yes, you can pay on Grubhub with Venmo. For this, you have to click on the Grubhub icon. Click the gear in the upper right section of the corner. Click on Payment, then on add a new payment. Then, follow the prompts to link your Venmo account and pay to Grubhub.

Did Grubhub stop accepting Venmo?

Remember that Venmo is only accepted to make payments on GrubHub if you order through the app only. If you do not order through the app, then Grubhub is not accepting Venmo as the preferred payment method.

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