Venmo debit card cashback rewards [2024 Venmo rewards $1,000]

Venmo debit card cash back rewards

Venmo offers quite wonderful cashback offers and rewards on each purchase. Rewards and cash backs come in handy when you shop using the Venmo debit card.

The process of acquiring rewards through Venmo’s debit card is simple.

  • Use your Venmo debit card to shop
  • Spend with the merchants who are participating in the offer.
  • Earn automatic cashback into your account.

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Venmo debit card cash back stores

Venmo debit card cash back rewards

The Venmo debit card offers cashback at selected stores. All listed stores that have an agreement with Venmo would accept Venmo debit cards. Check the Offers section from your Venmo app to learn more about the stores which have active offers. Usually, the cashback options would only be available till the offer lasts.

Venmo cash back limit

Usually, the cashback limit on your Venmo account would be limited to $400 per day.

This would incorporate your personal reload options and includes withdrawals over the counter and even ATM withdrawals alongside cashback.

Venmo rewards $1,000

Venmo is not offering any reward worth $1000. This is mostly a scam being announced on several websites but one must refrain from the offer.

Venmo rewards list

You can check with the Venmo app offers section to find this year’s reward list. You can also check Venmo’s site to determine the list and also call them up for any reward list issue.

Does Venmo card give cashback?

Yes, Venmo offers a cashback option.

How does Venmo debit card cash back work?

  • Venmo debit card cashback will be offered by merchants when the purchase amount is more than the cashback amount.
  • To receive a cashback amount the customer must enter a cashback amount they would like to get back.

The total amount will now include your purchase amount and cashback amount. The cashback amount would be refunded back to your Venmo debit card balance by deducting it from the purchase amount. Venmo balance is only meant for debit cards and not credit cards.


Venmo cashback has enticed customers to shop through Venmo-approved merchants. To check the currently available cashback offers you must log in to the Venmo site and once your deals are done, try getting a cashback on them. Read through this guide to learn more about what can be done with a debit card from Venmo.

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