Venmo debit card ATM withdrawal limit | Increase Venmo ATM limit

What is Venmo ATM limit?

Venmo is a P2P platform that allows money transfer facilities. The Venmo ATM debit card brought greater freedom for people. The Venmo debit card ordinarily allows withdrawals from the ATM.  The debit card functions like any other debit card, and cardholders have greater freedom with the card in hand.

However, Venmo ATM debit card has a limit, and this daily limit is divided into OTC and daily ATM withdrawals alongside cash backs. It means if you are using one of the three means to pull out the said amount, you cannot use the other two ways to draw money on that particular day.

venmo atm Maximum withdrawal limit per day

Venmo debit card ATM limit

Venmo is tagged with MoneyPass for their ATM services, and withdrawal from their ATMs is free of cost. When withdrawing funds from other ATMs, you must pay $2.50 towards the ATM withdrawal fee. A $3.00 over-the-counter (OTC) withdrawal fee has to be paid whenever you have to put your signatures to withdraw funds.

Withdrawals at ATMs are solely funded by the Venmo balance present in your account. Even though automatic refunding is working in your account, you can still withdraw $400 daily from the ATM. The daily limit cannot be exceeded by any means. If someone makes a cashback or over-the-counter transaction of $50, their ATM withdrawal limit will drop to $350 for that day.

Even when using the Venmo ATM debit card, you can only withdraw $400 daily from the platform.

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Venmo debit card ATM withdrawal limit

Venmo card daily ATM limit cannot exceed $400 from the ATM.

Venmo debit card ATM deposit limit

Venmo users can use the Venmo debit card even as a credit card. But, it can’t replace your bank debit card. There is no particular way in which money or checks can be deposited in your account with Venmo. Venmo does not offer any way to deposit cash and checks into the account.

Venmo ATM maximum limit

The maximum Venmo card daily ATM limit is $400. This amount includes cashback, over-the-counter withdrawals, and daily ATM withdrawals. The amount is reset daily at 12:00 am CST. 

How much Venmo daily ATM limit?

The Venmo card daily ATM limit is fixed at $400 per day. This limit combines three types of withdrawals- cashback, over-the-counter withdrawals, and ATM withdrawals. Since the amount being withdrawn comes from the Venmo balance, it has been fixed at $400. 

If an individual has withdrawn $100 for either cashback or OTC withdrawals, then ATM withdrawals for that day would be restricted to $300.

How to increase Venmo ATM limit

There is no way to increase the Venmo ATM limit. 


Venmo ATM withdrawal limits are set every day at 12:00 am CST. If you have made a $400 withdrawal at 11:55 am CST, you can withdraw another $400 at 12:05 am CST. But then you can’t withdraw any more amount in these two days. Here’s all about the fees you need to pay Venmo when withdrawing money from them and also more about the daily ATM withdrawal limits.


can Venmo debit card be used at ATM?

Yes, a Venmo debit card can be used just like any other debit card in any of the ATMs. The limit, however, is $400 per day. You cannot exceed that limit. However, by drawing money from any MoneyPass ATMs, you can avoid the $2.50 charge payable towards Venmo.

what ATM can i use for venmo card?

You can visit any ATM, but you will need to pay a charge of $2.50 for every transaction you make from an ATM. However, if you use the MoneyPass ATMs, you will not have to pay the $2.50 charge since MoneyPass is tagged with Venmo for their ATM use.

What ATM is free for Venmo card?

MoneyPass ATM is free for Venmo cardholders, and the ATM withdrawal fee of $2.50 need not be paid to them.

Does Venmo have ATMs?

No, Venmo does not have its ATMs, however; it works in conjunction with MoneyPass ATMs.

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