How to find someone’s vehicle details by Number Plate?

It is easy to find the owner of the vehicle by license plate number. You can enter the driving license number and find the owner of the vehicle easily with the app.

How to find someone's vehicle details by number plate

How to find the registered owner of a vehicle?

  1. You can find the details by visiting
  2. Next, enter your registered mobile number and click on the “next” button. After that enter the user password.
  3. If you have not registered your number then click on Create Account option. Enter your working Mobile Number and Email address.
  4. Confirm your mobile number and email by entering the OTP you have received on your number and email.
  5. Next, Enter your Name and Create a password (Make sure your password is a combination of Special Character, Capital Letter, & Numbers)
  6. Now Click on “Know Your vehicle details” given on the top menu bar.
  7. Enter your number and password.
  8. Next enter the Vehicle number & Captcha. And then click on the ‘Vahan search‘ button given below.

Hurrah! you will get all the required details.

How to find someone’s vehicle details by number plate?

You can find owner details with the vehicle registration number through the RTA citizen app.

Alternatively you can find details by just messaging. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1:- Type VAHAN <space> Vehicle Number.

Step 2:- Send this message to 7738299899.

Step 3:- You will get a message back with the, Vehicle Owner Name, RTO details, Model, RC expiry, insurance details, etc.

You can also follow the below given procedure to get the Vehicle owner details.

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