How to Register & Use Valenzuela App QR code?

The city council of Valenzuela has passed Ordinance No 783 also known as the ValTrace application Ordinance. It sets the guidelines on the penalties imposed and the implementations of the application. The application is an initiative taken by the Government to make use of technology and keep social distancing as the prior motive of the citizens in account to stop the spread of the Noble Corona Virus.

The Government takes lead for contactless forms and to maximize the use of technology by the software developed. The Valtrace app download covers establishments as mentioned under the ordinance and the user must register with the system, do the QR scanning and the local information is to be forwarded to the local government after staying offline or 24 hours from the system.

How to use the Valenzuela QR code scanner?

The Valenzuela City Local Government has passed the ordinance stating about the QR scanner requirement for the Valtrace App, it is the initiative taken to contact trace mobile application in response to the massive spread of the Pandemic. The app can be downloaded free of charge and can be accessed by both residents and non-residents. The policy of No QR, no entry is soon to be adopted. The steps to scan the QR code is very simple

valtrace app download apk
  • Open the camera having the capability to scan QR codes (Most Smartphone these days comes with this facility), the inbuilt camera. You will find a scan QR code option there.
  • If you are unable to find one, go to settings, tap the control center, and then customize controls.
  • Set your phone where the QR code appears on the viewfinder. The camera detects the code automatically when kept the phone properly.
  • Wait for the code to run.

How to do Registration?

As per the ordinance passed, the Valtrace app download and registration is mandatory for all the residential and non-residential members of Valenzuela.

1.  You can search for the application in any online portal or visit, and click on the ValTrace app Registration. The page flashes options like ‘Citizen Sign up’ and ‘Citizen Login’ also ‘Merchant Signup’, and ‘Merchant Login’.

valenzuela app case tracing app

2.  Click on the relevant portion and move further. One done the page will ask for some of the necessary information like name, birth date, province, address, and cell phone number.

valenzuela app registration

3.  Once you confirm the password click on Submit and you are good to go.

4.  Whenever traveling to any commercial place it is required to scan the QR code and move on.

5.  Contributing through these simple steps, one can add good deeds to stop the Covid-19 from spreading.

How to download the Valtrace contact tracing app or apk free?

The contact tracing application is to keep people safe and limit the spread of the Noble Corona Virus. The concept is simple, if anyone gets infected; everyone from family members to friends all get notified whoever has come into proximity with the person in the last 2 months. This is done at the earliest.

The application and all the registration process is done free of cost as it’s for the betterment of the country. The Valtrace application is supported by the Ordinance and all the Valenzuela residents and non-residents have to register and download their respective QR codes starting 12 September.

Everything is free of cost and when the person scans their QR code, their personal information gets transmitted to the Central Contact Tracing system. The individuals failing to work as per the ordinance are eligible for charges as inquired by the Government.

How does it work?

The residents and non-residents of Valenzuela must have the Valtrace application available on their cell phones. Whenever they go out in any public or private places, they have to scan the QR code of the application form which all of their individual information gets transferred to the Valenzuela central Contact Tracing System at the Mega Contact Tracing center for better scanning of the individuals.

If there arise any kind of symptoms in any of the individual, the app flashes, and all friend and family of the person are made aware to stay precise and report if they notice any symptoms.

Valtrace app case net Valenzuela is an initiative for a cause, the use of which will work better in stopping the virus from spreading at fire speed and is appropriate for the welfare of Valenzuela.

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