Check Vaccinated Travel Lane [VTL] Singapore, Malaysia Details

What is vaccinated travel pass (VTL) portal Singapore?

The vaccination drive was taken by citizens of Singapore and almost everyone in the city is vaccinated to date. Soon after the vaccination drive was over, airports opened up a scheme for vaccinated passengers called the VTL scheme. Under this scheme, any resident or non-resident moving from Singapore to any of the other VTL nations can easily do so without having to face quarantine.

Some nations though are accepting a quarantine free entry; most nations are still vouching for tests either RT-PCR or ART. But, due to the removal of quarantine, in another nation, away from home, many citizens prefer to travel again. Boosting the aviation services is once again the major agenda of the nation and Singapore’s VTL scheme has gained pace in this period.

How to get vaccinated Travel Lane application form?

vaccinated travel pass

There are two categories in which travelers are sorted in Singapore- the first category involves Singaporeans and the other category includes the travelers, students and other non-resident Singaporeans.

For residents of Singapore, there is no form filling obligation for those preferring the vaccinated travel lanes. However, those who fall under the different categories mentioned in the drop down list of the given link, do need to fill the application form.

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How to apply vaccinated travel pass application Singapore?

Once you have identified the category, go ahead, and click on the link mentioned above to start the application process.

  1. After clicking on the New VTL application, you must provide your name and email address in the prescribed boxes.
  2. Keep following the prompts to appropriately generate the form and then submit it to complete the process.
  3. You will be asked to provide proof of your vaccination every time you plan to travel.
  4. When travelling to nations that either require an RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription- Polymerase Chain Reaction) or ART (Rapid antigen test) you must tag it to your application form.

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How to check VTL Singapore application status?

Once you have applied for a VTL, using the application status tab can facilitate checking the status of your application.

  1. First, visit the given link and then fill in the required information.
  2. Choose your pass type from the ones mentioned in the drop down- periodic commuting arrangement, green lane/fast lane, [email protected], familial ties lane, entry approval for MOM pass holders, students pass lane, air travel pass lane or the vaccinated travel pass.
  3. Add the document type that you have submitted from the passport and FIN options.
  4. Indicate the arrival date for Singapore and then fill the captcha.
  5. Further, click on the check tab to verify the details.

Vaccinated travel lane Singapore to Malaysia details

Vaccinated travel lanes from Singapore to Malaysian airports of Kuala Lumpur and Changi are operational from 29th November. The application forms will start from 22nd November. Details about their requirements, other than the ones listed for all VTL travel, if any, will be declared on 22nd November.

Vaccinated travel lane Singapore to Germany details

The travel and application process for travel from Singapore to Germany is already open. If you are seeking to travel between Singapore and Germany, you can refer to the guidelines and details from this site.


Several benefits of travelling with VTL schemes rest on the passengers.

  1. To promote aviation, lines are operational that boost travel for work and holiday.
  2. Delays due to the confusion are to be prevented when arriving in a new country.
  3. Quarantine free travel can make safer approaches to travel.
  4. It indirectly promotes the process of vaccination, an essential measure to stop the spread of COVID-19.


  1. A vaccinated report mentions or declares that the individual has undergone COVID-19 tests.
  2. Some countries might require pre-travel tests (RT-PCR or ART) or tests on entering a new country.
  3. The person must have completed the vaccination process at least two weeks before travel.
  4. The person must not show any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of travel.
  5. The passenger must not have a travel history to any of the non-VTL nations during the past 14 days.

VTL Singapore countries list

Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Switzerland do not need a test or quarantine for entering their borders from Singapore. 

The countries like the US, UK, Canada, Italy and France do not need quarantine services but needs a test to confirm the person is COVID negative at the time of travel.

Australia, Brunei and South Korea still mandate quarantine and also want a test done before travel.

VTL flights Singapore to Malaysia dates

Flights will commence in Malaysia from 29th November, and applications will open from 22nd November.

VTL flights Singapore to Malaysia timing

Timings are yet to be announced for dedicated flights traveling to and fro.

VTL flights fees

Traveling to these places will cost this much money.

United StatesNYC ($1,078.60)$1,937.30
South Korea$1,327.10$1,327.10
Spain(Milan) $959.20$1,924.20


To conclude, we can say that travel is again open and can be considered in need and leisure. VTL is a safe and comfortable way of traveling between the countries going forth until normalcy is resumed. Read more about it here before going for it.


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