Vaccinated Travel Pass [VTL] to travel Singapore Malaysia

What is vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL)?

Vaccinated travel lanes are meant for those travelers who wish to travel out of Singapore or to it for leisure or work. Fully vaccinated citizens of Singapore can travel to Germany from 8th September onward with vaccinated travel pass. Eleven other countries have already begun discussing the VTL scheme for the benefit of the passengers.

VTL means if an individual is fully vaccinated, he or she can travel out of a country without facing additional restrictions of quarantine or even tests. But, some tests might be required for some countries to be done in Singapore or in the country of travel.

How to apply for vaccinated travel pass to travel from Malaysia to Singapore?

vaccinated travel lane passvaccinated travel lane pass

VTL travel is being arranged for boosting the aviation sector. To refer to Singapore’s vaccination list and its requirements, refer to the link given here. Based on specific lane controls requirements, while travelling from Malaysia to Singapore, use this self-help tool to identify if you are eligible for travel.

  1. Mention your departure country’s name.
  2. State what kind of vaccination you have taken- are you fully vaccinated as per WHO-EUL or non WHO EUL or are you not completely vaccinated.
  3. Mention your travel identity and choose the correct option from the drop-down.
  4. Check your requirements and make your travel arrangements accordingly.

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How to apply for vaccinated travel pass to travel from Singapore to Malaysia?

Travel routes between Singapore and Malaysia will accept applications from 22nd November. During that time, you can either apply for a short-term pass or a long-term pass.

If a person is a citizen or native of Singapore, one needs to apply for travel through the VTL. However, you require providing vaccination proofs while travelling immigration. You must be capable of self-verifying your certificate for your trip.

If you are a foreign visitor willing to use the VTL services, you must apply using the below link.

Enter your name and email and follow the commands to enter the required information. Submit the application, but before submitting ensure, you have gone through the checklist appropriately.

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Below are a few eligibility requirements one must fulfill to travel with VTL flights from Singapore to Malaysia.

  1. Travelers must be fully vaccinated with the WHO EUL vaccine list.
  2. Unvaccinated children under 12 can travel with a vaccinated elder.
  3. One must hold proof of vaccination.
  4. Travel history should include travel through the VTL countries. When travelling, if individuals have gone to a non-VTL nation, then there can be additional restrictions.

Malaysia to Singapore flights timing & Dates

The flights will run from 29th November, and the VTL Malaysia Singapore application open from 22nd November.

Singapore to Malaysia flights timing & Dates

The VTL flights Singapore to Malaysia (to-and-fro flights) are scheduled from 22nd November, and Singaporeans needn’t fill VTL to use the service.


If you are willing to travel during COVID from and to Singapore, you could use the VTL services present between the countries. To understand how or why VTL exists, read more about it from here.v


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