Check USPS application status online – How long does USPS take

How to check USPS application status online?

USPS provides a decent salary for people joining the postal services. Their hourly wage is $28-29 and that way they might make almost $50000 to 51000 per year. They also have other benefits and offer stability compared to modern 21st century jobs.

The US Postal Service job application status can be checked in the following way.

1) Login to the account you have created with the USPS website.

2) Press the job opportunities option.

3) Click on the My Applications link.

4) From the list of applications, check the status of the one you have recently applied.

How long does USPS application process take?

USPS application

From application to the orientation phase, it might take somewhere from five weeks to three months.

What does pre-hire list mean on USPS application status?

If you are applying from the USPS, then pre-hire will be a stage of application. This stage is reached once the applicant appears for the virtual entry assessment. If they do not score high in the VEA, the online status will change to ineligible.

USPS application status says application entry…What does it mean?

It means the USPS is investigating your application and your scores. Your selection will change your application status to the hiring list.

USPS application status says draft… What does it mean?

When an applicant has not yet submitted the application but is filling it up, it is counted to be in the draft phase.

USPS application status in process application entry?

Once you have submitted the application after completely filling the form, your application status changes from draft to application entry.

What does it mean when the USPS says offer phase ext?

It means USPS is waiting for your drug test results and fingerprinting process to complete.

How long does pre-screening take for USPS?

Pre-screening means your background checks are underway. It is different from pre-entry, where your background checks and drug test screening are successfully completed, and you are readily waiting to be called anytime to the orientation.

USPS Contact number

To speak to a live customer care executive, you have to dial 1-800-275-8777.


The terms used on the database when applying for the USPS jobs can be confusing. It is, therefore, essential to know all the terms correctly.

Here is a list of terms used in the process of application known as different stages of the application process and their definitions. If you are confused with the terms given, you can quickly look at them from here.

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