Do you know how many people can watch Hulu at once?

How many users can watch Hulu at once?

watch Hulu at once

Frequently, sharing credentials with family members and friends is a common way to split the cost of a streaming service, and that’s a no-brainer. With that said, Hulu is no different! You may share your Hulu membership with up to 5 other people, so 6 in total including you.

Previously, users on the basic package could previously only view on one device at a time. With that said, streaming platforms like Hulu are not too thrilled about losing out on regular users. So, this restriction has been lifted. Now, you may share your Hulu account with up to six of your relatives and friends, but you can only have two streams active at once. 

Furthermore, some Hulu subscribers may have an added advantage. Each of the several membership packages offered by Hulu has its own restrictions and add-ons.

Hulu Basic Membership 

  • You will always be stuck to two streams at once if you subscribe to Hulu with ads ($5.99/mo.) or ads-free Hulu ($11.99/mo.).

Hulu + Live TV membership

  • You may, however, opt for the “Unrestricted Screens” update for an extra $9.99 per month if you purchase Hulu + Live Television at $44.99. Also, you may consider Hulu (No Advertisement) + Live TV at $50.99 per month.
  • If all of the devices you want to access Hulu with are joined to the very same Wi-Fi network, sometimes known as your “home network,” then only you may stream on all devices at once.
  • Up to three mobile devices are what you will be able to use with this subscription to watch Hulu. But for the streaming service to remain active, all three devices must “check in” to your home Wifi network at least once every month.

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How many users can stream Hulu at once?

watch Hulu at once

On a single account, you may stream Hulu to more than one device at the same time, depending on your current subscription plan and add-ons.

For instance, on the basic Hulu sub, you can sign up on a lot of devices a one go. However, you only be able to stream shows on two of them at once. This implies that if you continue to watch Hulu on more than two screens at once, you will be greeted with an error.

  • If users require to stream on multiple screens, Hulu gives a Live TV customer the Unlimited Display Add-on. You may watch with a higher number of gadgets with the $9.99/month add-on. The restriction is that these gadgets need to be linked to your dormant home network. You are limited to three system streams if you join from a different network.
  • Additionally, premium network updates function somewhat differently. You may watch videos from HBO, Prime Video, Showtime, or Starz on up to 5 screens at once if you have a Hulu subscription. Around three of the displays can be devices other than your default home network.

With that in mind, if you want to add a profile to the Hulu account-

Step 1- Firstly, launch the Hulu app on your smart TV screen, using your remote controller.

Step  2- Navigate to the drop over option in the right side top corner of your TV screen.

Step 3- Select the option that is labeled as “manage profile.”

Step 4- Now, you will be able to choose another set of options. Click Profiles.

Step 5- Beside your private profile, an edit profile option will be displayed.

Step 6- Click on the add profile labeled with the (+) sign.

Step 7- Fill in all the credentials needed to create a profile.

Step 8- Hit confirm and you’re done!

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Can you watch Hulu on multiple devices at the same time?

If you mean on a lot of devices, then No! For the record, you will be able to stream on only two devices at the same time if you’re on a basic Hulu subscription. The way around this is Hulu Plus with a live TV subscription, which enables simultaneous viewing on more than two devices. It will cost you around $44.99 with an advertisement or $50.99 without an advertisement.

Can you share Hulu account like Netflix?

If you know exactly how many users can stream on that subscription at once, you may split your  Hulu account just like you do with Netflix with family members without any hassle. But simultaneously streaming is only offered up to two devices in a basic Hulu subscription. However, if you need unlimited streams, you need to upgrade to Hulu + Live TV.

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