How to Use SafeEntry App QR Code System Singapore?

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How to use the SafeEntry app Singapore?

Singapore is undeniably one of the most advanced countries, and in this pandemic situation, it has been able to create an exemplary benchmark. The Safe Entry is the national digital scanning system of Singapore, and it has a mission and vision to fight against Coronavirus.

Today’s discussion is going to be around the intricate details of Safe Entry application Singapore, its prevalence, and the working mechanism. The mission and vision of this Safe Entry application are to trace and mark the COVID-19 patients so that the contamination can be restricted.

It is most prevalent for all commercial organizations to affirm less manual effort in the tracking system. 

Deployment places of SafeEntry

  • All the commercial organizations should incorporate Safe Entry for each and every one of their vendors and employees.
  • Schools, as well as educational institutions, should have the tracking methods.
  • Other organizations include Health Care units, residential and community-based facilities, religious belief and worship, funeral units, and finally, food and beverage services. 

Overall, we can see that every trivial open institution needs to deploy the Safe Entry application with the unlocking session. 

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How does SafeEntry application work?

The working mechanism of the Safe Entry application is pretty simple, and even non-taxable people can use it without any assistance. 

  • To begin with, one has to hold their mobile phone to scan the official photo ID with the help of the barcode scanner. 
  • All the visitors can do the scanning using the Safe Entry application or even with the SingPass mobile. Once that is done, the location will be ready for checking, and the tracking will start.

How to get the SafeEntry QR codes if I have a business location?

  • One can go to and click on the “Get my Safe Entry QR now” option to get started.
  • But in order to get that, the prerequisite items are a CorpPass account and permission of the NDI and API Developer Partner Program. 
  • On the website, you will be able to find the ‘proceed to login’ option and then ‘+New Linkup Request.’ 
  • Then you have to select on the Safe Entry option and submit the request. A QR code will be generated within a very short notice, and you can get the posters for putting on the company entry and exit points. 

What if you need any help?

In case the business owners still have a problem, there will be a technical support team to guide them. There is a system where the employees will be able to enter the office with the help of the URL check-in method. The official help desk is always at the beck and call, to resolve any issues regarding the Safe Entry Qr code Singapore. 

As a final verdict, the SafeEntry Qr Code Singapore has been an efficient weapon in being the circuit breaker of COVID-19. It is a one-stop solution for all the companies to ensure the safety of every individual that knocks at their doorstep. The new visitor registration measures using the SafeEntry application is indeed an exemplary prevalence that needs to be abided by strictly.

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