How to Use Paste Keyboard App For Android & iphone users?

The Paste keyboard app is developed by Techin Park and the app can be used to write long messages, remember addresses, for drafting emails and creating larger amounts of texts.

Whenever you require a notebook, you will have access to one of the most smooth interfaces for writing and taking down notes and important information right there on your phone. The best part is, you need not carry anything with you except your phone whenever you travel.

The app is completely free to use.

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How to use the paste keyboard app?

How to Use Paste Keyboard App

If you are tired of typing, shift to the Paste it app. With Paste it, you can easily paste texts from toolbar options, context menu, or keyboard shortcut.

All you need to do is right-click on the icon, choose from options to adjust your text, and toggle in any of the three handy ways. 

  • You can additionally set alternate texts to paste from up to at least three secondary keyboard shortcuts.   
  • You can either tap on the “paste it” icon from the toolbar.
  • On the context menu, right-click to choose Paste X.
  • Try using a custom keyboard shortcut (Alt + V shortcut by default).

How to paste keyboard app download?

Use the following ways to download the Paste keyboard app.

For Android

  • Click on the Android download tab.
  • Make sure you have set the Menu>Settings>Security>download from unknown sources option.
  • Now wait for the download and once it is downloaded, you can run and install the tab.
  • Visit your download manager, find the apk file and click on it to run it on your device. Once you do that, you can easily install it to enjoy it.

For iPhone

For an iPhone, one must find the apk file. If it is not a jailbroken device, you can download the file, and then from your Settings menu you will have to click on the General tab and then you need to trust the device.

Once trusted, you can now install the app easily.


The app is a very simple solution for those who do not wish to type in for long periods. The app simply makes your typing journey easier by enabling the paste keyboard option.

In this way, you can make your work simpler and also quicker by using this free app.

Those who are using the app are finding it easier and hence most of them are leaving good reviews for the app.

Over a short period, the app has collected only positive reviews. People are saying the app is easy to use and install, the app is free, and does not harm your device in any way. It is 100% safe and runs faster than any other applications and people are claiming to be content using the app.

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