How to Use Greenlight Card on Venmo (Guide 2024)?

Developers created the Greenlight app with families in thought, and it is meant for youngsters of all ages who are eager to start learning about money. Families can teach their children about financial planning, saving, spending wisely, and making investments through the Greenlight card for kids.

Greenlight is a secured debit card for children, tweens, and teens. Kids can use this Mastercard-branded debit card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Kids can even include a selfie to make their card design.

The essential Greenlight scheme has a debit card for youngsters, allowing you to use the Greenlight app. Greenlight provides debit cards for up to five children per account if you have a large family.

How to use a greenlight card on Venmo?

You will obtain one error code if you endeavor to tie your Greenlight Card with a cash try app like Venmo after typing all your card particulars into your account on Venmo.

Nevertheless, there is a method to disseminate your Venmo credit to your Greenlight card. Let’s learn more about it in more down the line.

Venmo takes debit, credit, prepaid and network-affiliated cards. It includes Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard once you get it registered in your name. The financial institution, card issuer, or cash transfer application may even be refused to assume cards for fraud prevention and funds availability.

We will get the method as outlined below:

Step 1: Link your bank statement to Venmo.

Sign in to your Venmo user account and unlock the app.

Step 2: Get the funds transferred from your account on Venmo to a bank invoice.

Wipe the Balance tab as you head to the Cash App home screen.

Press the Cash Out button.

Select an amount and click Cash Out.

Choose a deposit speed.

Use your PIN or Touch ID to confirm.

Step 3:  Get Your Bank Statement linked to Your Greenlight payment gateway.

Step 4:  Take time to log in to your account on Venmo in the Greenlight app.

Step 5: If you look to the right portion of the screen, you’ll find the Settings (gear) menu. Click on it.

Step 6: Select the “Funding accounts” option.

Step 7: Tap the “Add a Funding Account” button.

Step 8: Select “Add a bank instantly” now.

Read the prompt and then click “Get Started” if you agree.

Select a financial institution.

Enter your online banking login information.

Step 9: Select the option for verification. It takes you to your phone via message or phone call. Tap on the continue option.

Once you’ve acquired the confirmation code, please enter it.

Step 10: Select the bank invoice from which you desire to support your Greenlight account and choose Continue.

So, that’s it; the Greenlight app should now take you to your Parent’s Wallet and allow you to load money.

Step 4: Transfer funds from Greenlight Wallet to Greenlight Card.

Log in to your account in the Greenlight app.

Tap on the child’s tab for the child you want to fund from your Parent Dashboard.

Now, tap the “Send Money” button next to the child’s name.

You can handle the funds to Pay Anywhere. Use it as your General Savings or Sharing, or you can count it as a Spend Control for specific types of stores.

It needs you to type the amount of money you want to send someone. Wipe the “Move Funds” button.

So, that’s how you transfer your Cash App funds to the Greenlight Card.

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How to pay with Venmo using greenlight card?

pay through greenlight card

You can fund your Greenlight account using bank accounts or debit cards. You must fill out a short form if you want to return money to your funding source.

A customer service agent will reach you and get your refund initiated.

Here’s how to contact Greenlight to request a refund:

  • Go to the contact form online.
  • Fill in all details and type your info.
  • Pick the option “Reimbursement to My Bank.”
  • Get an outline of your reimbursement request included.

As soon as possible, a support representative will contact you.

One person can use a prepaid debit card to fund her PayPal account.

Once you’ve got your Greenlight card linked to your PayPal account, you can use it to get your PayPal purchase done.

You can also transfer money from Greenlight to your PayPal account.

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Where can I use my greenlight card?

You and your children can employ your Greenlight Card somewhere Mastercard gets taken, in-store and online (as long as it gets approved by your parents).

However, to protect our customers’ privacy and security, A couple of transactions will not accept one greenlight card for the following transactions:

  • Funds demands or wire transmits
  • Deposit brokers or trades
  • Massage clinics
  • Gambling

Can greenlight cards be used at the atm?

Yes! Your child can employ his Greenlight coupon at any ATM that shows the logos or titles of Visa, American Express, Maestro, or Interlink. Your kid’s initial transaction cannot be done at an ATM for safety causes. Using the card online or at a deals register, your kid can draw money from one ATM if reserves are available in their “Any ATM” Spend Dominion.

Can greenlight cards be used internationally?

greenlight cards internationally

The Greenlight card is not currently accepted in the following countries. If the nation you are visiting is not on this list, your card will function properly for purchases:










Brunei Darussalam


The central African Republic



Can you use Venmo with greenlight card?

Greenlight does not support wire transfer apps such as Apple Pay, Venmo, or PayPal, so you cannot utilize them to pay or transfer your funds.

As a couple of prepaid debit cards permit, you cannot refill funds onto the card at a financial institution or another in-person site.

What apps work with Greenlight?

If you wonder whether you can pair the Greenlight card with Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay, the response is yes. Once you activate your app, your Greenlight card is consistent with all three cash transfer apps. Likewise, it is extremely simple to set up.

 Can you pay online with a greenlight card?

Your Greenlight Card can be used anywhere Mastercard is approved, both online and in-store (as long as your parents approve). However, to protect our customers’ privacy and security, A couple of transactions and places will not accept greenlight cards for the following transactions:

  • Wires
  • Escort and dating services
  • Lotteries
  • Massage parlors


This article concludes that you cannot use Venmo cards on greenlight. Also, we mentioned some of the transactions not supported by Greenlight. For more info, you can reach out to

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