How to Play & Use Drunk Lyrics Game Filters Online in the US?

Creators are all crazy about filters, and Instagram tells you about all those crazy latest trends in the hottest way. If you’re one of those hungry seekers who always look for what’s trending now, you might have heard about the drunk lyrics app filter for sure. It has become popular and grabbed the hearts of millions of users for the right reasons. 

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How to use drunk lyrics game filters in the US?

Use Drunk Lyrics Game Filters

Guessing games are always so much fun for all age groups. If you want to use the filter and amaze your friends, here’s how you can do it. 

  • Go to your Instagram profile. 
  • Tap on the creator’s page.
  • Search and open Official Drunk Lyrics. 
  • You can see the preview or apply the filter. 
  • Now on clicking the icon below, you will get the filter. A box appears over your head with a word. You have to guess the song. 

How to play the drunk lyrics game online?

Drunk Lyrics game is a card game based on guessing the lyrics of a song. It can be played online or offline, but the online version is easier to access and quick. Hence, it has become popular. 

You need to pick one from multiple cards and sing a song from the word written on the card. Next time, your opponent dies the same. If you win, you will be given another chance. If you can’t recall the lyrics, pass it on. All you do is install the game app, invite your friends and begin the guessing match!

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Is Drunk Lyrics Game Illegal In The US?

Drunk Lyrics games, as well as filters, are legal and safe to use in the US. If it’s not compatible with your device, you can use another phone of android 5+ or iPhone. Third-party apps also allow the game. 


Be it the game or the filter; both are interesting and viral now. So you are not late to try! Above all, it’s completely free to play. 

Think we have missed any crucial details, we welcome your suggestions. 

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