How to use bitcoin on cash app? Buy Sell Withdraw Bitcoin [2024]

Apart from sending and receiving money, users can also send and receive bitcoins and stocks. Buying bitcoins and selling them is an essential use of the Cash app, and users are now expanding their reach by paying in bitcoins apart from fiat money. If you plan to send bitcoins to your friends and family through the Cash app, here’s how you can do it.

Steps to use bitcoin on cash app

  1. Visit the Home screen and then press the Bitcoin tab.
  2. Click on the Airplane mode and then select the deposit bitcoin tab.
  3. Use the bitcoin wallet address of any of your friends and family to add the amount. Either scan the QR code for your destination wallet address or do a manual entry for the wallet address.
  4. Press the wallet address to confirm the identity and then click on the next tab.
  5. Choose a withdrawal speed to initiate the process of withdrawal.

If someone is sending you bitcoins, you can also receive bitcoins by pressing the deposit bitcoin tab instead of the send bitcoin tab.

How does bitcoin work on cash app

bitcoin on cash app

Bitcoin is a new kind of money and Cash app that helps in acquiring and selling bitcoins. To buy bitcoins, you will be charged a minimal fee by the Cash app that you must pay. Cash app has Level 1 compliance with the PCI data security standard (PCI-DSS).

To transact bitcoins, users need to enable the process in their Cash app. Within a week, the Cash app allows the deposition of $10,000 worth of bitcoins. The Cash app does not support any other form of cryptocurrency other than bitcoins.

How to withdraw bitcoin on cash app?

To withdraw bitcoins from the Cash app is possible by following the below process;

  1. From the Cash app home screen, slide the switch towards BTC from USD by tapping on it.
  2. You must type in the amount of bitcoin; you want to withdraw from your Cash app account deposit.
  3. Either click on the QR code scanner from the upper left segment or manually type in the external wallet details.
  4. Click on the wallet address and then click on the Next tab.
  5. Choose the speed of your withdrawal, and then click confirm.
  6. Click tap to begin the withdrawal process.

How to buy bitcoin on cash app?

To use bitcoin on the Cash app, here’s the process you must follow;

  1. Click the buy BTC tab from the home screen of your Cash app.
  2. Enter an amount and initiate the withdrawal process.

How to sell bitcoin on cash app?

From your Cash app home screen, you will have to click on a few tabs to complete the process.

  1. From your Cash app screen, press the Sell tab.
  2. Add an amount manually or enter a custom amount.
  3. Add PIN or Touch ID and then confirm the selling process.


Here is a bit about how one can sell and buy bitcoins through the Cash app. In the festival season, if you plan to purchase, gift or give gift coins then do use the guide to find out the way you can do it.

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