How to Use USAA safe Pilot app [Review]-Is it Worth it?

What is USAA safe pilot app?

The app belongs to a program where only USAA members can participate. The app is meant to reward safe driving practices. Eligible members can get discounts very often.

Premium discounts can be earned every time a driver renews it. Households having a USAA auto insurance policy can participate in the program and download the app.

usaa safe pilot app review worth

How to use USAA Safe Pilot App?

To use the USAA Safe Pilot app, you must enroll in the USAA auto insurance policy. In case you don’t have an auto insurance policy, you can receive a quote for it by visiting the given link.

  • Enroll and get up to 10% off now.
  • Download the USAA Safe Pilot app from Google Playstore.
  • When you start driving, your app will automatically count your trips and score you for your driving skills.
  • Better driving gives you better discounts.
  • The app will provide you with insights and current trends of errors while driving.
  • Using the built-in sensors and GPS, the trips are automatically started. Even the app will start functioning automatically.

App Features

  • Users can see their driving scores.
  • Discounts will also be visible on the app.
  • Find out more on how people’s harsh driving will impact them.
  • If you take calls while driving, the app will auto detect and intimate you once your driving comes to an end. It will also show you the impact of taking calls while driving.

USAA Safe Pilot Review

The current Apple appstore rating is 4.2, and Google Playstore rating is 3.8. The app is very particular about hitting upon your brakes hard. The app can detect if you’re the passenger or the driver. It even gives you policy discounts for safe driving behaviour.

Some people, though, complain the app stops functioning in-between. People find the app’s usability differs as per their surroundings. Users living on highways do not entirely agree with the app’s functionality, whereas people in non-highway regions find the app very useful. People love the alerts sent by the app while driving as it leaves plenty of room for executing cautious driving.

is USAA safe pilot worth it?

The Safe Pilot app is every bit worth it for drivers. The app always warns you whenever your driving is rash. According to different surveys, significant accidents occur due to rash driving.


The Safe Pilot app is a worthy app for practicing safe driving practices. Use the above guidance to find out more about the app.

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