US Federal Reserve is making some analysts bullish on Bitcoin again

Crypto analysts are confident that their digital assets are on the right growth trend as there are apparent signs that Bitcoin (BTC) is showing a steady price recovery movement. Visit at:

Latest reports on the United States’ economic data suggest that investors could be shifting from the dollar to digital currencies. These recent updates could ruin all the financial plans the White House has scheduled for this year.

Cryptocurrencies have been volatile since the start of the new year, with frequent price drops. Last month, Bitcoin’s price dropped below $33,000, losing about 50% of its ATH price. This dip was followed by investors entering the market to buy at a relatively low cost. The healthy purchases helped the coin recover a bit, till it attained a token rate of $39,000. Last week, Bitcoin was priced at just under $38,000. However, experts claim this is still a fair rate, as it is still up 14% from its recent bottom.

US Federal Reserve bitcoin

While all this has been going on in the cryptocurrency world, the United States Dollar index (DXY) might be revealed that the dollar is getting weaker than usual. The DXY is a tool used to compare the dollar’s strength with other top global currencies. The greenback’s strength recorded its most recent best figure at 97.441 some weeks ago. The last time such an index was recorded was in July 2020. However, in the previous few days, the index has corrected itself by 1.49% to 96.00.

What This Means

Markets analysts are expertly reviewing the latest U.S. economic data. Many of these experts have interpreted the dollar’s renewed weakness to indicate a slowing rate hike. Simply put, there could be heightened inflation looming.

The founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, Lyn Alden, stated on her Twitter account that the U.S. Federal Reserve reached an unexpected fever height in late February. She added that this could create more aggressive and tight scenarios within the financial sector. She also pointed out that the central bank may take a dovish stance to manage looming inflation and allow growth. The recent economic declaration and weak PMI data are the focal points of these actions.  

Manufacturing And Employment Rates Amidst All These 

U.S factory activities are currently at the worst level they’ve ever been since Q4 2020. According to the manufacturing growth data released last month, the industry has been declining for the past three months. Alden mentioned that the Institute of Supply Management measured factory activity at 57.59. In December, this figure was pegged at 58.79.

In addition to the above data, reports from the Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Research Institute have highlighted cracks in the economic recovery strategy. It revealed a decrease in employment rates within several regional companies. The employment state has fallen by over 300,000 since December 2021. The last time this was observed was during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Fed Chair Jerome Powell has raised concerns over rising inflation in the country. At a press conference, he presented some points about increasing interest rates to counter rising inflation. Powell proposed a hawkish stance. This successfully pushed down the price of mainstream crypto-Bitcoin, which increased the backing of the dollar.

Some financial experts reckon that the U.S. rate futures will have at least four rate hikes before the end of the year. St. Louis branch president James Bullard has helped to calm the rising fears by clarifying that four rate hikes are a reasonable bet, considering the state of the economy right now.

A Hawkish Position 

Several federal officials no longer have an outright hawkish stance. Following the steady recovery in the U.S. jobs market over the past year, some officials propose that the central bank could retrace its steps on its hawkish plans. The country’s top financial institution might put its aggressive price hike plans on hold for the meantime.

Both Mary Daly, President of the San Francisco Fed, and Esther George, President of the Kansas City Fed, warned the central bank not to tighten too soon.

It is still unclear whether or not there will be back-to-back increases in the next few months. However, the CMS’s Fed Watch device seems pretty confident that there’s a 94% probability of having a 24.9 bps price hike within the next four weeks.

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