How to Upload Vaccination Certificate in Al Hosn App [2024]?

How to upload vaccination certificate in Al Hosn app?

To upload vaccination information in Al Hosn app. You need to log in to

From there you will need to choose

  1. The public service tab.
  2. Choosing the Register Arrivals icon is possible from the app.
  3. You will then have to fill a form. 
  4. In it, you need to enter the date of birth, passport number, place of departure, airport of arrival, date of taking the PCR Test. 
  5. You need not show vaccination updates for entering the UAE but then it is essential if you plan to move around and enter social places. 

If your registration is accepted, then your vaccination information will be displayed on the Al Hosn app.

How to download covid vaccine certificate in UAE?

Upload Vaccination Certificate

The COVID vaccine certificate can be downloaded from the Al-Hosn app after you have downloaded it from the Google Playstore and Apple AppStore. The Al-Hosn app is color coded and a green result means you are all clear to use the COVID certificate for your stay in Dubai.

You can download the Covid Vaccine certificate from the Covid vaccine app easily.

  • The first step is to visit your profile on the app, then click on the report you want to download.
  • To view, the report, click on it.
  • Now click on the share option and then get it on your mail.
  • It will be considered an official declaration in UAE and also around the world.
  • The report is automatically stamped by the Ministry of Health & Prevention, the Department of Health & the Dubai Health Authority.

How to get vaccination certificate in UAE?

You can either get it from the Al-Hosn app. The certificate can also be received from the DHA app for those who have received the vaccination shots from Dubai itself.

How to check covid vaccine records in UAE?

You can check the COVID vaccine records using the Al-Hosn app, the directory for COVID in Abu Dhabi. The app allows the officials to note people at risk of contracting COVID by being exposed to people who suffered from COVID around them.

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