Sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for wmi client Application

An asynchronous call back does not restrict any program from the point of its execution. Whenever a call returns, each time it has to return to a call back function. So, as per Java script, one can create a new thread and can initiate a call back method inside that thread. 

There are many Microsoft Windows operating system, which uses these sinks for receipt of asynchronous callbacks for the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) applications.

It allows to write scripts and programs and helps in the management of devices, windows services, user accounts and other internal aspects.

What is Unsecapp exe in task manager?

Sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for wmi client application

Don’t be alarmed if you find Unsecapp exe in your task manager. Without this program, you won’t be able to download or use any file that requires the WMI file application process.

It is a subsystem found in Windows 7, 8 and 10 and helps in running programs that need to interact with certain parts of the operating system.

As soon as some program needs a WMI application Unsecapp exe will appear in your Task Manager and thus you must never remove or delete the Unsecapp.exe file from your system if ever you spot it.

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Unsecapp.exe sink to receive asynchronous callbacks

Unsecapp.exe process

Unsecapp exe is a WMI executable file that comes with Microsoft certification. If any program in your computer is trying to connect to a remote server, Unsecapp will become a mediator in such scenarios.

It binds the remote server with the installed software in your system thus Unsecapp creates a tunnel through which signals can be sent and received easily.

It is a legit DLL file and it is used to send results back to those clients which do not have permission for a DCOM service. It is relied on by both Microsoft and Scripting.

It is located in the C:\Windows\System 32\ wbem. If it is found in some other folder, then the file may be malware or virus.

Discord, Steam is some of the programs which when run utilise this program for communicating with the main server.

Unsecapp.exe virus

The genuine unescapp.exe file is not a virus. But any file can be named unescapp.exe file and entered into any system like a virus. If the file is named Unsecapp.exe it can escape being detected.

To check your Unsecapp exe file, follow the below process;

  • – Click on the Ctrl+Shift+Esc button at one go.
  • – Now press on the detail tab.
  • – Once you spot Unsecapp.exe by right-clicking on the file location.

So, it is primarily the location of the file that can tell you if the file is a virus or an authentic Windows system file. However, this is not a fail-proof method and more should be examined about it before confirming if the file is a virus or a genuine file.

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Unsecapp.exe process

It is a program that barely occupies any space and sinks well with the CPU as well as the memory. It comes in 9 different sizes and each weigh somewhere 0.016 MB, 0.038912 MB and also has 7 other variants.

Windows 32 file location is C:\Windows\System 32\wbem\ in Windows 7, 8 and 10. 

In some however, the location might be


VoIP applications (Skype, Discord), gaming programs (Steam, Origin), anti-virus programs, instant messaging operations will bring up the Unsecapp.exe process. The full form of the Unsecapp.exe file is itself Universal Sink to receive callbacks from applications.

It might run in the background if you have installed a firewall in your system and also when you enable certain kinds of removal software in the Windows system.

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