How to Block/Unblock someone on Cash App [2024]?

 To unblock someone using the Cash app, you need to do the following;

How to unblock someone on cash app?

  • Visit your profile section, move to the transaction history and choose the person you wish to unblock.
  • You will have the option to unblock the person.
  • Click on the Unblock tab.
  • Once the person is unblocked you can see the person on your contact list tab.

How to block someone on cash app?

Unblock and Block someone on Cash App

 To block someone on the Cash app here are your steps.

  • Open the Cash app option, and click on the history tab next.
  • Click on the person’s profile you wish to block. You could also choose a transaction if you wish to block someone.
  • From the three dots in the top right corner, choose the pop-up menu.
  • Click on the Block this person option.
  • Finally, click on the red button to block the person.

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How to stop someone from sending you money on cash app?

 This is how you do it.

  • Click on the Profile section.
  • Choose Privacy and Security as an option.
  • Toggle the switch Incoming requests off.
  • If you simply want to block one or two individuals, keep the switch on and then select to receive requests from only the ones in your contact list. 

 That way simply by deleting someone from your contact list you can stop receiving money from a particular individual or likewise.

How to remove contacts from cash app?

Here is the way to edit or remove contacts from your Cash app tab.

  • Go to the Profile section.
  • Choose the Personal tab.
  • Click on the email address and phone number you need to remove.

How to block a merchant on cash app?

If you’re not sure of a merchant you’re receiving money from, you can block the merchant anytime. This is how you do it;

  • Click on the name of the merchant from the activity feed from your activity tab.
  • Browse to the bottom of the profile and click on the Block tab to block the person out.


Does cash app notify the other person when you block them?

Cash app would not notify the person blocked but when they can’t search you, they can easily gauge that part.

If I block someone on cash app will I get my money back

Everything about the person or from the person would be wiped out and would go off the record. So you could neither receive nor send money to the person.

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