How to Use UAE fast track app [2024]? Check Features

With the help of the UAE Fast Track app, you can easily streamline your journey making it document free and simply based on identity management and biometric analysis.

Journeying is easier with an app that prevents you from filling out forms and waiting in queues this COVID season in the United Arab Emirates. Simply use the app to fill in all the requirements at the airport using this app.

How to use UAE fast track app?

UAE fast track app download

Once you have downloaded the app to your device, there is a lot you can do with it inside the airport. 

  • Register yourself with the app. 
  • Add your details like your name, age, address, and whatever is required for the registration process.
  • Now add the details of your journey.
  • Once done you will see a lot of options that you can apply directly from the app. No longer do you need to fill up manual forms and complete formalities.
  • If you need a lounge you can try having one through the lounge services added to the app.
  • Not only book lounges but also pass security clearances faster and easily. Personal assistance, priority boarding, signing off for complimentary breakfasts, and meals on the plane are some of the facilities provided by the app. Even hot shower facilities are present in the app.

How to UAE fast track app download?

Downloading the UAE Fast Track app is easy if you can head straight to the Apple AppStore and the Google Playstore. Simply click on the links to install the app in your device.

App Features

  • The app is quite a user-friendly platform.
  • It is available in Arabic, Urdu, and English.
  • All the services which you could avail from the flight counters are now available through the app.

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