How to use Tyne Tunnel App to pay Tolls? Not working Solution

What is Tyne tunnel app?

For the first time, Tyne Tunnel customers can do easy registrations with the app. Customers can add and remove vehicle registrations easily. The customers can keep a tab on the payment history and alongside their travel history. Updating account details is also easy with the app. It also gives daily updates for the primary river crossing channels including the Tyne Tunnel, Tyne Bridge and A1 western bypass.

How to use Tyne Tunnel App to pay tolls?

Tyne tunnel app

Using the app is easy and convenient.

1) log in to your app and then add your vehicle registration number. If you have multiple vehicles add them all. But, if you are traveling with a bunch of friends in different vehicles, you must ask them to register their vehicles.

2) Next add funds to your app.

3) Choose the auto deduct option for tolls or manage them manually.

Calculate the amount to be paid in toll gates and either go for the pre-paid option or post-pay before the end of the following day of travel.

How to download Tyne Tunnel App on Android & iOS?

Google Playstore and Apple AppStore are your best friends when willing to install the app.

How does Tyne tunnel app work?

Tyne Tunnel app is equipped to keep a count of the number of tolls you get while traveling. Once you are pre-paying, you can plan your journey, calculate the toll you need to pay, and then pre-pay the toll to make your journey free of forced stopping at tolls. Make use of their ANPR technology that can help keep a tab of your registered vehicle easily.

Tyne Tunnel app not working Solution?

Some ongoing issues were resolved recently. However, if you still face problems, then delete your cache, and browsing history, try reloading the page again.


The Tyne Tunnel app is there to solve the toll gate issue. According to recent estimates, a whole lot of carbon dioxide emissions can be prevented this way. Try finding out your answers about the app from this segment and move ahead in your journey.

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