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Third party app store is ideally defined as reusable software components designed for a specific purpose. It helps you download jailbroken apps on your iOS devices.

Even Android devices can download and use these apps from many third-party app stores which work not only on iOS but also on Android platforms. 

From Tutubox.io, Fortnite download, among us, emulator, GTA San Andreas, Pokémon go and many more can be easily downloaded from this particular third-party app service.

What is Tutu box IO?

What is Tutubox.IO appstore_

Tutu Box is an amazing third party Appstore for iOS 14 to 14.4 devices. The Android version is being worked upon and would be released soon by the developers. Thousands of apps and games can be downloaded from the Tutu box.

A lot of different apps like utility apps, games, movie apps, video editors and music apps can easily be downloaded from this third party Appstore.

It simply gives you access to all the jailbroken apps without having to actually jailbreak your device (iPad or iPhone).

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How to install Pokemon go from Tutubox.io?

How to install Tutubox.io Pokemon go

Use the below instructions to download Pokemon go from Tutubox.io.

– From the different sections of Tutu box, click on Games to download Pokemon Go (Pogo).

– In the Tutu box search box, type in Pokémon go.

– Once you have spotted the app, click on the blue Get button.

– Click on the Install tab to the pop-up which asks your permission to install Pokémon go.

– Wait for some time until the app gets downloaded.

– Many features of these apps include teleporting, auto walking and copying coordinates.

– Try some of the new cool features that you get access to, with the new Pokémon jailbroken app.

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How to install Tutu box app IPA file?

To install and download the IPA file Tutu box app, follow the below steps;

– Click on the install button from the pop-up window when you want to install the IPA file. 

– Wait until the installation is completed.

– Choose your iOS device and then enter your Apple ID and password.

– Now, open settings> General>Device management>click on trust AltStore.

– Download and install the IPA of your choice.

– Sign in again when prompted by entering the Apple ID you used before to start using the device.

Is Tutu box safe?

The Tutu box is safe to use. Every app is scanned for threats. 

Does the Tutu box app work?

It works perfectly well on any system or device which is not yet jailbroken. Enjoying jailbroken apps on Tutu box is absolutely secure and can be done without any hassle.


Several pros of using Tutu Box includes the following features;

– It provides you apps which have an improved quality.

– Greater capabilities and easier integration facilities when downloading apps from this device.


Cons of using Tutu Box are less flexible and are hugely dependent on the vendor providing for the app.

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