Tsar Registration with Tsar Web App (Complete Guide)

Tsar web app stands for Teacher’s data entry for self-assessment (TSAR). Once a year, every teacher is supposed to do a self-assessment preferably in the first quarter of the year. To take this, the teacher must be registered in the web application with his/her Gmail ID and their individual employee code. For the Full Tsar registration process Read the Post Carefully until the end.

tsar app download android

Download Tsar app on Android

The Tsar (Teachers self assessment rubric) application works absolutely well via the website portal. There is no need to download the app in Androids. However, if you want to use the app in Android as an app.

  • Visit any third-party store where the apk file is available.
  • Click to download the app.
  • Make sure your downloading permission from unknown sources is checked from Menu>Settings>Security.
  • Run the app and install it.

However, there is no need to download the app when all you need to do is visit, Home – TSAR to register and use the web application portal.

How to use Tsar App?

Log in to the Tsar (Teachers self-assessment rubric) application after registration with your Gmail ID and individual employee code.

  • After completing the registration process, the teacher’s profile would be created in the Tsar app portal. 
  • Tsar is based on 6 performance standards and guides teachers to self-assess on daily teaching practices.

How to Do Tsar Registration?

Step 1:- Visit this link to Register with TSAR

Step 2:- Now Firstly Enter Your EMAIL ID After that write the same EMAIL ID in the second block. (Note:- Make sure you enter your working email id)

tsar registration 2021

Step 3:- Now Enter your EMPLOYEE ID.

Step 4:- Create your New password (Make sure it contains a Symbol (like @#$%), An Uppercase Letter, and Numeric numbers).

Step 5:- Type the same password in the next block too. And Click on The Register Button.

That’s it


The app allows assessment metrics for the teachers which include- learning experience designing, subject matter knowledge & understanding, facilitating learning strategies, school & professional development as well as developing interpersonal relationships.

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