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Last updated on November 25th, 2020 at 09:21 am

TS NPB App download :The TS NPB (Non-agricultural Properties Updation) is an app that keeps an online land record of the citizens of Telangana. The government deployed teams go door to door for gathering property details through TS NPB and then later update in on the Dharani Portal. The Telangana government has announced to issue NAGPR (Non-agricultural property record) as a comprehensive ownership document to the landowners.

TS NPB Survey


The TS NPB survey by the Telangana government is conducted for updating all the current non-agricultural property details so that it can simplify future registrations. All the districts in the state have been divided into seven different units for the survey purpose. All the NPB identifications are made on the basis of PTIN (Property tax identification number) where various teams with three municipal admiration officials are appointed for the survey. Also, a senior official at the district headquarters control room monitors these teams and the official’s work.

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TS NPB Dharani Enrolment

For TS NPB Dharani enrolment, the government officials (appointed) come to the doorsteps covering each and every household in Telangana. Enrolment in the TS NPB applications’ user manual requires a lot of user data including the National IDs including the Aadhaar card, Voter ID, etc. 

For filling the application, users have to give their family member’s details as well that includes their names, relationship with the owner, Aadhaar card number, age, and gender. The owner also has to submit their caste and mobile number during the update process. The survey team creates a user id number, and then a password is sent via SMS to the registered mobile number. 

TS NPB Telangana gov.in tsnpbapp

After the successful process of enrolment and registration in the TS NPB application, the users can see a list of agricultural properties on the home screen. One can either select the arrow button given after the property for which they want to enter the details or can go to the search bar and sort the required property by typing owner name/house no./TPIN. 


The TS NPB app is available to download on Google. One can follow https://tsnap.telangana.gov.in/tsnpbApp/ and then install it into their system. The user ID on the TS NPB app consists of a number of properties related details of the users.

After the entire updation process, the users are given a maroon passbook with all the details mentioned. At the same time, farmers with agricultural lands are given green passbooks. 

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