Truist financial corporation is an American banking company. Its headquarters is in North Carolina. The company was formed after the merger of the two banking companies named (BB&T) Branch Banking & Trust and Sun Trust banks in December 2019. The bank operates across the USA and provides several consumer and corporate banking services like banking, debit & credit card services, online banking, mortgage, and loans.

In this article, we will talk about Truist card services. The benefits of buying Truist credit card, how can we activate and log in to Truist credit card, and several other features that you need to know about credit card. So that you could decide whether you should go for this card or not.

How to Apply for Truist credit card Application?

Applying for Truist credit card is quite simple and easy. Just follow these simple steps:

truist credit card apply
  • Browse through the official website i.e (
  • Now choose a credit card from the above-given tabs
  • Select desired credit card option from the list
  • On a new page choose any one of the two given options and click apply
  • Provide the bank with the required details
  • Now select Start
  • Click yes to confirm that you are a Truist client.
  • Fill in the required details like your user ID, password and click continue
  • After this follow the instructions  and you are all set to avail benefits of Truist credit card

Documents required to apply for Truist cards

  • Personal information, contact number along with social security number
  • Address history of at least 2 years
  • Employment and income information

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Different types of Truist credit card

Truist bank provides its customers with a variety of credit cards to choose as per their requirements. Let’s see some types of Truist credit cards.

Cash credit card: 

you will not be charged APR ( Annual percentage rate) for the first 12 months. No annual fees and you will also earn reward points which can be redeemed later. You will get 3% cashback on gas, 2% on groceries and utilities, and 1% on all eligible purchases.

Enjoy Travel credit card

If you are fond of traveling or your work is related to travel then this credit card is good for you. As you will get some discounts, extra bonus miles to travel by using this card for your travel.

Cash secured credit card

You will get cashback and reward on regular purchases and your monthly credit history will be reported to three major credit bureaus. 

Card Benefits

Here we will discuss some benefits of using truist credit card.

  • You will get cashback and other benefits on every purchase
  • Extra miles on your enjoy travel credit card to travel
  • Earn reward points whenever you spend and redeem them into cash
  • Safety: you will get alerts on spending, you can set a spending limit, and possible to lock or unlock your credit card using your mobile app.

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How to Activate Truist credit card

Follow the given steps to activate your credit card

  • You can visit the official website and follow the instructions to activate your card
  • You can also call  the  customer care number to get your Truist credit card activated
  • The customer care number for credit card activation is: 844-487-8478

How to login to Truist credit card Account

Log in to your Truist credit card is super easy. Just provide your log-in ID and password along with your card details and account details and you are there to use your credit card.

How to Pay Truist credit card Bills?

You just need to log in to pay your bills online through net banking. You can track due payment dates, choose your payment frequency, view electronic versions of paper bills, and choosing a paperless method gives you security against mail theft.

For any related query, you can call the customer care number: 844-487-8478


  • I am Raj Singh and I am the author of handlewife website. I am a blogger and also a digital marketer. Contact me through the contact us page.

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I am Raj Singh and I am the author of handlewife website. I am a blogger and also a digital marketer. Contact me through the contact us page. Protection Status