How to Transfer money from Walmart Money card to Cash app?

With Cash Card, you have guaranteed better user experiences. The Cash app card is designed to facilitate availing of a lot of flexible services while spending through the card. But many users do not know that the Cash app is now more flexible than it appears.

You can put money into your Cash app account easily from a store like Walmart. However, read below to know more about what you can and cannot do with the Cash app card with regards to Walmart services.

how to transfer money from Walmart Money card to Cash app

How to transfer money from Walmart money card to cash app?

You cannot add a Walmart money card to the Cash app since it is a prepaid card. Cash app right now accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa-backed debit cards. Therefore, it will not accept prepaid cards of businesses, ATM cards, and PayPal.

How to link walmart money card to cash app?

You cannot link the Walmart debit card to the Cash app anyway.  The Walmart moneycard is a prepaid debit card of a business and such cards are not allowed on the Cash app at all.

How to add Walmart debit card to cash app?

Even the Walmart debit card is not accepted by the Cash app. Walmart is a huge retail store and offers debit cards to its consumers. 

These debit cards are prepaid services. Adding any type of business prepaid debit card to your Cash app account is not allowed by the Cash app incorporation.

Can you transfer money from cash app to Walmart card?

Transferring money from the Cash app to the Walmart card is not possible since Walmart cards are not compatible with the Cash app account.

Cash app now permits filling up of the Cash app account in a Walmart store. The Walmart store manager can fill your empty Cash app account with money for a small fee if you are not a Walmart member. If you’re a Walmart member, you will not need to pay the fees.

can I use Walmart money card for cash app?

No, you cannot link the Walmart money card into your Cash app.

Does cash app work with Walmart money card?

The Cash app does not work with Walmart’s money cards.

can walmart money card be linked to cash app?

No, the Cash app cannot be linked to the Walmart money card.


Basically filling up your Cash app account at the Walmart store is the only possible action you can try. You cannot, however, add any of the Walmart cards like the money card to your account since it is a business debit card. Cash app policies do not allow adding business debit cards to your Cash app account.

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