How to transfer money from Dasher Direct to Venmo App?

In the digital world today, everyone uses android phones to manage their financial tasks easily. The Venmo and dasher direct apps are great examples of financial management apps.

If you are new in the financial app world and have never used such an app to send money, it might be confusing for you to use and transfer it. Do you want to know how to send money from dasherdirect to the Venmo app? If yes, then the guide is the best fit for you.

You can easily send money from your DasherDirect to your Venmo app, or vice versa, with some simple steps.

How to send money from Dasher direct to the Venmo App?

This section is interesting if you want to know how to transfer money from dasherdirect to Venmo. DasherDirect is considered a prepaid debit card that is powered by Pay fare.

DasherDirect allows you to use the basic system of banking with the Doordash ecosystem. As part of the doordash ecosystem, Venmo is accepted by dasherdirect to make easy payments. Unlike the other online prepaid cards, it does not possess any fee or charges after the inactivity period of 12 months.

The company can provide you with a social payment app, a basic banking system, and many more. With the features of Venmo, like currency conversion, multi-currency e-wallets, prepaid cards, and custom invoices, it becomes easy to transfer money from dasherdirect to your Venmo account.

Sending money

To transfer the money from dasherdirect to the Venmo app, you must first log in to your dasherDirect account and tap “Move money”. Then, tap on ” send money” and fill in your Venmo account details where you want to transfer your money.

Keep in mind that this type of transaction takes the time of 2 business days. You cannot transfer money from dasherdirect to Venmo on weekends.

Sending limits

You can also send the limits from DasherDirect to Venmo at a free cost. Limits also apply to transferring money from the DasherDirect card.

  • There are three transfers allowed per day, $2000 per day
  •  There are 30 transfers allowed per month, for which the cost is $5000 per month

The time of sending limits is the next business day if you send the limit after eastern time.

Sending status

While submitting the transfer will show the confirmation number in your dasher direct app. You will also get push notifications to your device when Venmo accepts it.

How to send money from Venmo to Dasher direct?

The startup of Dasherdirect has teamed up with the Venmo payment platform. They permit users to transfer money from their Venmo account to their DasherDirect account through chat messages.

The process of sending money from Venmo to DasherDirect is simple as it sounds. The payment process is handled by Venmo and works in the beta version of the Dasher or web version of this payment service.

The beta testers have already used the Dasher payment that Venmo makes to coordinate drinks, lunch, and getting ride shares. According to dasher studies, this payment feature only allows small payments; in this case, Venmo or Dasher will not make money easily from small transactions.

How to add Dasher direct to Venmo?

Here is the step-by-step process to add the DasherDirect to your Venmo account.

1. Open a Venmo account.

First, you have to open your Venmo account. If you do not have a Venmo account, you must create one first. Once you create your Venmo account, you will get the confirmation link in your email or SMS. You have to open this link to finish your procedure.

After creating the Venmo account, you must link it with your valid credit or debit card. You must add the prepaid cards if you do not have your credit or debit card.

Remember that these prepaid cards do not connect with your bank account. You can only connect your DasherDirect with a Venmo account.

2. Enter the password of DasherDirect

Once successfully create your Venmo account, you must fill in your DasherDirect password to connect both apps. Simply enter the DasherDirect password, and click on Login. In this, both of the apps Venmo and DasherDirect are linked.

3. Transferring money from DasherDirect to Venmo

Once you log in to your Venmo account with the Dasherdirect password, you can transfer the money from dasherdirect to Venmo.

  • First, you must log in to your DasherDirect account and choose the transfer button to make a payment.
  • Tap the transfer button to open the pop-up that lets you link your DasherDirect with your Venmo account as the selected payment method.
  • Tap on ” transfer to Venmo app” and fill in the amount of the transfer that you want to transfer to your Venmo account
  • After entering the amount, click on the next button and choose your payment method, Venmo.
  • Lastly, tap on  ” finish ” to do the process.

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How to use a Dasher direct card on Venmo?

The dasher direct credit permits you to use it for several payments online on Venmo. Remember that the dasher direct card is a prepaid debit card, and you should know how to use the prepaid debit cards differently.

  • The best thing is that the DasherDirect credit permits you to get your earnings that you can make if your payments on Venmo meet minimal needs.
  • You can easily use your dasherdirect card on Venmo to access your balance and other online services.
  • Using this card at filling stations will receive a 2% cash back on every Venmo purchase.
  • If you want to travel after small intervals of time, then the DasherDirect card is a good way to save a lot of money on Venmo.
  • Again, you can use your DasherDirect card to pay online bills on Venmo. These consist of electricity, water, wifi, phone bills, etc.
  • You can also set up automatic payments on Venmo by using your DasherDirect card. If you sometimes need to remember to pay bills on a specific date, you can automatically settle your bills on Venmo.

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How to connect Dasher Direct & Venmo?

If you want to connect Dasher direct with Venmo, you must sign up to your Venmo account, enter the DasherDirect password here, and log in. This way, the apps, Dasherdirect, and Venmo are connected or linked.


With Venmo and DasherDirect, you can easily earn money while shopping online. You can easily use Venmo to transfer money from your Dasherdirect. You must sign in to your Venmo account and link it with your dasherdirect account.


Can you use Dasher direct on Venmo?

Yes, you can easily use the Dasher direct on Venmo. The startup of dasherdirect has teamed up with Venmo payment specialists and allows users to transfer money with each other.

Does the dasher direct card work on Venmo?

Yes, you can use your dasherdirect card on Venmo to send funds, pay bills, add cash to your account, or make another deposit. But some fees and limits apply to it, so you must first see the cardholder agreement details on DasherDirect.

Can you use DasherDirect for direct deposit?

Yes, you can easily use your DasherDirect card to pay online bills, make online purchases, or even make direct deposits. The best thing is that there is no fee for making the direct deposit to your DasherDirect account.

Can I use my DasherDirect virtual card anywhere?

As the Dasher, you are the boss of your business who runs it, so the card business platform is set for other contractors like you. You can easily use your DasherDirect virtual card where it is accepted.

Can you transfer money from DasherDirect to Venmo?

Yes, you can transfer money from DasherDirect to Venmo and vice versa. After the tie-up of the DasherDirect team with Venmo, it allows the users to transfer money from the DasherDirect account to Venmo. 

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