How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card balance to bank account?

Without question, Amazon has been in the retail game for years. It is one of the largest online stores with a wide range of products. 

With thousands of sellers on amazon and more than millions of products, you can purchase anything using cash, Card, or Gift Cards. 

However, it is sometimes important to withdraw your Gift card balance, especially when you have a bit low cash. Yet, amazon does allow these features. 

At least, you cannot get the job done directly. But, with the tricks mentioned in the article, you can surely transfer your amazon gift card balance to your bank account. But before that, let’s look into the different types of gift cards that amazon offers. 

Types of gift cards on Amazon

We can classify gift cards into three categories. Each Card has its own merits and unique utility. Listed below are the types of gift cards the E-commerce company provides:

Physical gift cards:

Some gift cards come as physicals and are often sold at big-box retailers, either beside aisles or at the supermarket checkout, as well as in petrol stations. The best part is these gift cards do not have any expiry date. Amazon does not charge any fees for these gift cards. Moreover, they offer free shipping. 

eGift Card:

Be it your friend’s birthday or your parent’s anniversary, Amazon e-gift cards can be a wonderful gift for them. These gift cards are the electronic equivalent of the physical Gift Card. They can be redeemed for thousands of items available on 

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How to transfer your Amazon gift card balance to bank account?

A gift card can sometimes save the day only if you know how to use it properly. 

amazon gift card balance

Steps to transfer amazon gift card balance to another account

As mentioned above, the whole process shouldn’t take long. Follow these five simple steps to transfer your amazon gift card balance into your bank account.  

  • Browse Amazon’s Pay website
  • Navigate to “Shoppers”
  • Sign in from there.  
  • Select the Bank account to which the money needs to be transferred. 
  • Enter amount 

The money should be transferred into the bank account in 3 to 5 days. This would also appear in the gift card when checked. 

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How to send the Amazon gift card balance to amazon pay?

Amazon gift card

Transferring money to Amazon pay isn’t so different from other bank accounts. Except, it’s got a different procedure to approach the portal. Here are the steps to transfer the Amazon gift card balance to Amazon Pay:

  • Open the Amazon app on your browser.
  • Navigate to Amazon Pay
  • Scroll down until you come across the Voucher section
  • Click on “Add gift card” and enter the ID on the Card

Within a week, the payment should transfer to Amazon par as indicated. If you examined the gift card, the evidence would be clear.


Gift cards are credit vouchers that one may fill and give to a recipient. Several businesses sell gift cards, including Amazon. You may purchase physical, electronic (e-gift cards) or print your own at home. Purchasing and sending eGift cards is fast. Gift cards can be exchanged for money at machines that accept gift cards, sold to third parties, or sold on numerous sites.


Can I transfer the Amazon gift balance to another account?

Yes, the balance of an Amazon gift card may be transferred to a checking account via a variety of techniques. People may either store the money as they wouldn’t need it instantly, or they can utilize their bank account to make transactions.

Can I withdraw my amazon gift card balance?

Amazon gift card amounts may be withdrawn in two different ways. The first type of transfer is a one-time transfer, in which the entire sum is transmitted in a single effort. The second alternative is a recurring payment, in which a customer may choose to pre-plan automatic payments from an Amazon gift card to an account. 

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