How much transaction limit in google pay? Check exceed limit

How much transaction limit in google pay?

The daily maximum transaction limit on GPay is $2500 and one lakh INR. You can perform a maximum of 10 transactions per day. Different banks offer different limits.

How to exceed transaction limit in google pay?

How much transaction limit in google pay

You can contact a Google representative or respond directly on the credit limit mail to increase your credit limit. The credit limit mail is sent for the verified payment users and if you are a verified user, send a request directly to increase the transaction limit.

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How to check transaction limit in google pay?

The daily transaction limit in GPay is fixed as per your bank. Your bank has fixed a particular GPay transaction amount and daily transaction limit. Connect to your bank to know how much you can transact daily.

How to change upi transaction limit in google pay?

Currently, as per NPCI, the UPI transaction limit is set at Rs.100 000. However, it differs from bank to bank, and you need to cross-check with your bank to find out more about it.

What is the transaction limit in google pay per day?

The transaction limit in Google Pay every day cannot exceed Rs.100,000. A user cannot do more than ten transactions a day. 

Why google pay showing limit exceeded?

Your bank could have technical issues if your daily transaction limit is not exceeded, but you are getting such a message. Try some other bank and check if it’s working.

How much max money can be transferred through google pay?

A daily limit of one lakh is to be transferred daily through GPay. 

What is the single transaction limit in google pay?

The single transaction limit per day is one lakh, and you have to wait until the day next for making another transaction.


Google transaction limits differ from one bank to another. Check with your bank as to how many UPI transactions you can make through GPay. Limits are set as per the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Check out this article in case you have doubts about the GPay limits.

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