Top 39 Husband and wife Romance Ideas-Husband wife love

Top 39 Husband and wife Romance Ideas

Top 39 Husband and wife Romance Ideas-Husband wife love

If you want a healthy married relationship then keep one thing in mind that romance is the secret of every healthy relation. You need to be romantic and caring if you want your partner to be happy.

Romance and care for each other make a strong relation. But what is romance? Do you know the meaning of romance? Do you know how to do romance and how to be romantic?

If your answer is a Big No then don’t worry because after reading this post you will definitely understand what is romance. Here in this post, I have also shared Top 39 Husband and wife Romance Ideas-Husband, wife love.

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What is romance and its meaning

Whenever we talk about romance, the first and only thing comes to our mind is sex. But in reality, romance is not only about sex. Yes, we agree that without sex romance feels incomplete but in fact, romance doesn’t end there.

Romance is nothing but a powerful feeling that makes you feel connected to your partner. It’s small and big things that you do for your partner to show your love.

I hope you get it now, about what is romance. If yes then okay. If your answer is again No then again I am gonna tell you that you don’t need to worry because after reading this full post you will definitely understand what it is.

Husband wife love

If you really want to be romantic then keep one thing in mind that you need to do things for your partner which he/she don’t expect. If you are able to do it then note that you are a romantic person now.

Follow these simple ways or ideas to do romance with your life partner

1. Write short love notes

This is the best way to make your partner feel special or you can say extremely wonderful. Try to write short love notes for your partner and keep these notes in a place where your partner can easily find it.

2. Dance with partner

Yes, this is the other best way to make your partner happy or special. Do a slow couple dance with your partner whenever you get the chance.

In a slow voice say I Love You in your partner’s ears while dancing. If you don’t know how to dance then learn simple steps from YouTube. You will find many videos there.

3. Whisper in ears

Whisper something sweet in your partner ears that will please him/her. Doing this thing publicly will make your partner happier. If you do it publicly it will be more romantic.

4. Kiss with partner

Kiss your partner without her/his knowledge will make your partner feel very happy. So always try to find a chance to kiss your partner. Give your partner a surprise kiss.

5. Hug your partner

Give a sweet and lovable hug to your partner. Try to give your partner a hug whenever he/she is a little busy at work. Give your partner a surprise hug. Hug your partner when he/she is sleeping.

Give a hug, when your partner feels a little down because of work. Hug your spouse from back when she is preparing dinner for you in the kitchen.

6. Play a love song

This is the another best way to make your marriage life more romantic. Play a love song whenever you both are in a car and your partner is driving and then kiss your partner whenever red light comes. Just imagine and try to feel the feeling which you gonna get.

7. Give surprises to partner

Give your partner some surprises. You can give lovable surprise gifts to your partner that he/she likes. Book a romantic movie ticket without your partner knowing. You can Plan a candlelight dinner with your partner.

8. Give surprises on bed

You can offer a massage to your partner. You can give your partner a sweet goodnight kiss on lips or cheeks and then a sweet tight hug when you both are tired from work.

Now check out some more workable husband and wife romance ideas.

1. Send a sweet flirty text message to the partner.

2. Invite your partner for a date.

3. Hold your partner hand in public without any reason.

4. Tell your partner that he/she is looking awesome.

5. Praise your partner attractiveness.

6. Praise your partner in front of others.

7. Sit on your husband lap.

8. Hug your hubby and put a head on his chest.

9. Listen to your partner heartbeats.

10. Whisper sweet, flirty and lovable words in your partner’s ear.

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11. Tell your partner how much lucky you are that you get him/her.

12. Remind your partner of some lovable moments which you have spent together.

13. Give your partner a sweet good morning kiss.

14. Do something interesting with your partner on bed.

15. Try different things on a bed when you both are tired.

16. Surprise him by wearing a dress you wore when you got married.

17. Play romantic songs when you are on the date.

18. Cook your partner favorite dishes.

19. Wear perfume which your partner loves.

20. Let your partner do whatever he/she likes to do

21. Light a candle in the bedroom and then play a romantic song and start dancing slowly with your partner.

22. Tell your partner how much you are proud of him.

23. Tell your partner how much you love him.

24. Watch a romantic movie with your partner in the bedroom.

25. Surprise your partner for s3x.

26. Sing a song for your partner.

27. Dance for your partner if he/she is tired.

28. Make your partner mood on if he/she is upset or in stress from work.

29. Tell your partner how much you are happy after getting married to him.

30. Play a romantic game with your partner like making eye contact.

31. Make eye contact and then push your partner towards yourself and then give a kiss.

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I hope you will try the ideas given in this article “Top 39 Husband and wife Romance Ideas-Husband wife love” with your partner. You can also share this post with your friends.

If you want to add some more ideas in this post then comment below and make this article more informative.

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