Top 10 things every husband should do when wife is pregnant

Top 10 things every husband should do when wife is pregnant

With the news of the pregnancy of your wife, I know you are very happy but you may be in stress or in tension now. Many questions may be arising in your mind like…

what to do and what not to do now?

How to take care of her?

But note that these questions are not only arising in your mind alone. These questions are also coming in your wife’s mind.

Maybe she is also searching on the internet to get the answers. That is why you should read this article “Top 10 things every husband should do when the wife is pregnant”.

First of all, I would like to congrats you that your wife is pregnant. For a husband, it’s really a most wonderful or happiest moment of his life that he is going to become a father and I know that feeling is the loveliest feeling in the world.

As a husband, you are a real supporter of her now. She needs your support.

During the first month, she will take care of herself alone. But this does not mean that you don’t need to take care of her.

With time she needs proper care. It’s your duty to become a good husband at that time.

Follow these simple tips to support your wife at this most challenging or amazing time.

Listen to her concerns

With this simple tip, you can take care of her emotions very easily. Listen to all of her concerns related to anything at that time. Try to encourage her to share everything with you. Talk about her concerns.

Encourage her because she may be in tension or in stress. Make her feel that you are always available for her. Show her that you are always with her to support her.

Give her proper diet

Yes, this is the very important point. During pregnancy, your wife needs more feed because at that time she needs more energy because she is growing a baby in her womb. So, whenever she tells you that she is hungry give her something to eat otherwise she will eat you.

Don’t wait for a lunch or a dinner which you are going to take within an hour, give her whenever she asks you that she is feeling hungry.

Give her healthy food to eat. Buy some fruits for her and give it to her. Give juice to her in the morning. Give milk with some turmeric powder at night. You can also concern your doctor about the proper diet to give your wife.

Her Daily routine work

Take the responsibilities of her daily routine work at home which she usually does before pregnancy. Because during pregnancy a pregnant woman feels more exhausted and tired.

So, try to help her. Cook food for her. You can also wash the dishes. Give her time to take rest. Don’t think that she is lazy now because her laziness is just because of pregnancy. This will not only help her but also make her happy because she notices that you are aware of her and taking her proper care.

Mood swings

During pregnancy, her mood may swings at any time because of her hormonal changes. Sometimes she may feel fantastic and sometimes she may start crying without any reason and sometimes she may start getting angry on you.

So it’s your responsibility to ignore her anger at that time. You need to be silent at that time. Let her calm down alone. Try to understand her. Try to find out why she is angry because at that time women get angry on even small to small things.

Tell her sorry whether the mistake is yours or not. Then give her a sweet kiss on the cheeks or on the forehead.

Say a big ‘NO’ to Sex

This is the most important thing that you need to aware of it. During pregnancy, it is recommended to every husband not to do sex with your wife because this may harm your baby.

Tell her sweet and loving words only

Don’t use harsh words to talk to her whenever you are angry. Tell yourself that you need to control your anger because she is pregnant and she is growing a baby inside her. Let your mind be calm down and then talk to her.

Use soft, sweet and loving words to talk to her. Make her happy whenever she is sad. She may feel that she is getting unattractive day by day. Tell her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Tell her that you are lucky to have a wife like her and how much you love her.

Gains weight

Don’t worry if she gains weight at that time because of women during pregnancy gain weight usually. Their breast becomes bigger. Their stomach will also get big.

Don’t point her by saying you are getting so fatty. Just tell her that you don’t need to worry. You are already very beautiful and you look more beautiful with my baby. These kind words will really make her feel that she is special to you.

Give surprises to her

Buy gifts for her and give surprises to her. You can give her beautiful surprises which she likes. Gift her beautiful necklace, you can gift her teddy bear, women usually like this kind of gift.

During the starting months of her pregnancy, you both can go shopping to buy clothes for your baby and some toys for your baby. Preparing the home before the baby arrives is the real fun for your baby’s mom.

This video can also help you to solve your problem.

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