Tokkingheads App for Android & iOS (Quick Guide)

Tokkingheads app is completely fun and free to use. With it, you can convert any portrait photo into a moving video. The app facilitates instant animation of portrait photos with the use of artificial intelligence (AI). 

It has a large selection of animated images in its library.

It also has a wide range of voice recordings. It is also capable of animating any kind of still images.

However, if you wish to remove watermarks, one has to take up a paid service.

tokkingheads app download android apk

How to Tokkingheads app download?

Downloading Tokkingheads apk is easy and simple on both Android and iOS.

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For Android:

To download the Tokkingheads app for Android follow the below steps.

– Check if your third-party apps permission is enabled on your device.

– If you’re not sure you can visit your Menu option. 

– Visit the Settings option.

– Go to the Security tab from Settings.

– Check on Unknown sources, if you wish to allow your phone to install the apps from sources other than Google Play Store.

– If you have an Android Oreo 8.0 version, you might have to check on a global setting if you wish to download your app from an unknown source.

– Download the app by visiting any of the mirrors assigned for downloading the Tokkingheads app or go to

– Normally allow completion of the app installation process.

– Tap “Yes” whenever a pop up arrives on your screen while installing the app.

Note:- The app is not yet available for android users yet. The above link will work only if the app is available on the play store.

For iOS

– Search for Tokkingheads apk download from the Apple store by typing it in the search bar.

– Then click on the Tokkingheads app.

– Once you have entered the iPhone or iPad password it would redirect direct download.

– Once downloaded open the app, fill in a bit of detail and start enjoying it in the same minute.

 How to use the Tokkingheads app?

 To begin using the Tokkingheads app, follow the below steps.

– Select a photo or upload it from the photo gallery.

– Add a background of your choice and also add accessories.

– Choose your animation feature- text, voice or video.

– From the large library of songs, videos and greetings, choose your favourite feature.

– Upload your voice, or a video recording and type the text you want the animation to say.

– Click on the generate button to animate the image. 

Tokkingheads.apk downloads & uses still images and can create motion and sound all by itself.

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