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Tna Tan App Download: Feeling sad and morose that TikTok App is no longer available on the play store in India? Worry no more as the TnaTan Indian app TikTok alternative is there as an excellent replacement.

Tna Tan App Details

App NameTna Tan
Made In CountryIndia
Total Downloads10,0000+
Ratings4 stars
Size70 MB
GenreEntertainment App

tna tan indian tiktok app download

It will be a fantastic platform for creating short videos within a time frame of 15 secs to 60secs. Be it watching the videos or making one, India is not lagging anymore.

Indian tiktok app download

All you have to do is create a profile, and then you can be the star you have always wanted to be. Induce your creativity to bring some spice into the videos, and you are good to go.

tnatan owner details

Download Tna Tan app is going to be comfortable, and it belongs to India. Below, I have a shared download link.

The Tna Tan app owner has been brilliant in ways more than one, and we are going to see how. 

tiktok alternative app


TnaTan app belongs to which country?

It is purely an Indian App and belongs to India’s country. Indian developer or owner has developed it to replace the Chinese TikTok App. No doubt, It is the best alternative to the Chinese Tiktok app.

App TnaTan made by which country?

It is made by Indian country owners and developers. The app is performing very well in the Digital Indian market.

Who is the app owner?

The name of the app owner is not yet revealed but the developers and owners of Tna Tan belong to India.

What are Tiktok Alternative Apps?

If you are looking for TikTok alternatives and Indian Tiktok apps then you should try the best Indian Apps TnaTan, Lit Lot app, Tik Kik App, etc.

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Features available on the App

tnatan made by which country

  1. Amazing videos with fantastic filters- Now, the videos are no longer just dull and bland. You can add the zing factor to it with the help of the numerous filters to choose from. 
  2. Watch Videos and share- Feeling bored? It is high time you opened the App. Start watching the videos, and before long, it will turn to be an addiction. Not only watching them but in case you like one, in particular, you can even share it with your friends. 
  3. Add to Favourites- Want to check out your favorite profiles and videos? Its high time you started shortlisting them and putting them kin the Favourites section. You can also use the sounds to create your videos
  4. Trending and Viral Videos- Now, it is no longer going to be an issue to find out what’s trending across the globe. There is an array of videos quite similar to TikTok, along with short music videos and movie clips. 
  5. Chat Option- Now, you can chat with your friends and family from this platform and even showcase your talent to others. You get to like and comment on the videos to make your opinions visible.

short video making app

Tna Tan Indian Tik Tok Download

tna tan app download

Direct Install

How To Use Tutorial

In case there is an issue, you can always connect with the customer service on

All the queries will be resolved, and the feedback can be shared as well. Indian App Tna tan is a revolutionary step in the current situation, while India is trying to sweep off China in the digital arena.

It is hassle-free, quick, and free to download. So why wait?

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