5 Tips to Improve the Performance of Your PPC Campaigns

Online marketing is crucial for your business and therefore, you need to conduct regular pay-per-click audits so that you can consistently generate meaningful leads and sales revenue. When you are conducting a pay-per-click audit, you need to pay attention to the areas that lack behind so that you can make necessary improvements to make your company grow. You need to have an active internet connection, like the one offered by Spectrum Deals, for carrying out your online marketing campaigns so that things run smoothly and efficiently. 

Why conduct a pay-per-click audit? 

Tips to Improve Performance of PPC Campaigns

The pay-per-click audit lets you know about the weak areas of your company and a successful audit will enable you to find out what is wrong in your marketing campaign. What can be done to make necessary improvements, how to enhance the performance of your business, and what results in you can expect you get when you make the proposed changes in your campaign.

There are various pay-per-click auditing tools available on the internet that you can use to conduct an audit yourself, for example; WordStream is an audit tool that is used by a lot of businesses nowadays to enhance their marketing campaigns. This tool is easy to use and is offered for free by the developers. In addition to this, the tool gives you meaningful insights and market analysis so that you can carry out your online marketing campaigns effectively. 

You need to evaluate the effectiveness of the ads that you post online for the users. There are different ways to conduct a thorough evaluation of your campaign. Here are five tips that you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your pay per click ads: 

  1. Ad Copy Accuracy 

When conducting a pay-per-click audit, you need to ensure that the ads being posted online are relevant, accurate, and meaningful to the users. Make sure that the ad is addressed to the right audience and has a well-written message with the proper use of keywords. Moreover, the ad should explain the value that your product will bring to the users because they need to know why your product is worth buying. In addition to this, you should always include call-to-action to engage users with no spelling or grammatical errors because it leaves a bad impression on your company. All the details including the description field and URLs are checked in auditing and you will also get to know whether your ad is promoting outdated offers or not. 

2. Creating Ad Groups 

Many marketers make the mistake of making too many ad groups and sometimes they end up making fewer ad groups for the marketing campaigns. The number of keywords that you should include in your ad groups should range from fifteen to twenty because this helps improve your website’s ranking on search engine platforms. Moreover, the keywords that you use in your ad groups should be relevant to your brand so that customers can easily locate your website on search engines. Furthermore, the content of your website should be genuinely written because users read that information and they judge your website according to the information that it provides. 

3. Including Ads in Ad Groups 

You should carefully go through the number of ads that are enabled for your campaign’s ad group. Experts usually recommend using two or three variations of ads because you have to run different tests for successful results. You can use fifty text ads at most in one ad group, but your campaign should limit the number of ads to five or below as it gives you better results. It is always a good idea to allocate a sufficient budget to the ad groups that are performing well and are giving good results.

4. Ad Extensions 

Ad extensions are very important because they have a direct impact on your website’s ranking. You need to ensure that the extensions that you use are the perfect match for your ad campaign. Examine the ad extensions regularly in order to check the website links, structured extensions, and callout extensions and make sure that these extensions represent the business offerings accurately. 

5. Measure Ad Extensions Performance 

To measure the performance of the ad extensions, you need to check the impressions and the clicks that the ad extension has received in the given period. It is important to realize the fact that ad extensions that are automated can help boost the performance of your website to another level. Experts in this field evaluate the performance of automated extensions t ensure that they are working fine and producing optimal results. 

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In order to conduct a successful pay-per-click audit, you can download both, Google AdWords and Google Analytics so that you can easily combine the data and get in-depth insights. Some audits prefer conducting audits using Google AdWords, but using Analytics is highly recommended because multiple sources give better results. 

You can start conducting an audit by creating a spreadsheet for every campaign so that you can compare the results with the previous audits. Moreover, do not forget to check the structure of your company because your accounts reflect parts of your corporation and the website. You should properly name the campaigns that are being carried out so that you can easily locate them when needed. 

The AdWords account should be properly linked to a Google Analytics account so that you can track the code and see if the campaigns are being implemented correctly or not. Another important concern is the budget that has to be allocated to the campaigns. You need an excessive budget to carry out these marketing campaigns as they require money, time, and effort. Furthermore, the location where the ad is being displayed showed to be the one where your company is available and easily accessible by the customers. You can eliminate the areas where your company does not operate because you won’t be earning any revenue from those particular locations.

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