8 Tips for Romance in Bedroom with wife-Husband wife romance

Husband-wife Romance

Everyone likes romance. In a relationship, romance is very important because it brings you closer to each other. It also helps in keeping a relationship, healthy and long-lasting. Today, I will give husband-wife romance tips.

Oil Massage

Offer an oil massage to your partner. It is the old and the best way to be romantic on a bed. Massage is a great way to do romance because it will give relaxation to your partner’s body and it’s a great way to start the romance in the bedroom.

Give a hug

Hug your partner on the bed and play with your partner hairs, cheeks, lips, ears or with any other part of her. Before moving to any other romantic activities, keep playing and cuddling with some romantic talk for at least 15-20 minutes.

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Flirt with partner

Don’t move directly with the partner. If you really want to be romantic then wait for it. Before going for it you can do some flirt with your partner or some sexy talks with a partner. Then go slowly and then move to the next step.

Kiss or a lip lock

If you think you are bored with giving kisses or lip locks to partner then you need to try something new in this. You can give your partner a kiss on the neck and then come down slowly on her and then give a kiss.

Whisper in her ear

Whisper something flirty or dirty in your partner’s ear while cuddling will make your partner extra romantic. Tell your partner how you are feeling.

Try something new

Doing the same things, again and again, will make you bore from each other. So it’s better to try something new with your partner. Try the things which your partner loves the most on the bed.

Decorate your bedroom

Prepare your bedroom before your partner reaches home. Give your partner a surprise by decorating your bedroom. You can put some petals of roses on your bed. Light a candle in your bedroom because dim light gives the more romantic feeling.

This is all about “Husband-wife romance tips”.

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