How to Win/play Tim Hortons Canada Roll Up the Rim? Claim Now

What is Tim Hortons Canada Roll Up the Rim 2021?

If you play Tim Hortons Canada Roll Up the Rim 2021, you can earn suitable rewards for every purchase you make. The prizes can be collected either by using the app or physical Tims Rewards card. You can earn one digital roll if you purchase any cold or hot beverage, breakfast sandwiches, farmers, and grilled breakfast wraps.

Bagel belts and a simple sausage breakfast sandwich will also be included. You can even win Tim Rewards points and subscriptions for various streaming services.

How do you Win/play Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim?

Tim Hortons Canada Roll Up the Rim 2021

To win/play Tim Hortons, roll up the rim; here’s what you must do.

  • Get the Tim Hortons app or get a Tim Rewards card registered with them to begin the process.
  • Scan the physical card or use the app whenever you make a purchase that can earn you a roll.
  • Create a Tim Rewards account and then log in every time you want to play.
  • Swipe the cup up or roll it by going online or from the app by clicking on the RRROLL for my tab.
  • After a point, you will get to know what you’ve won. Rolls that you don’t use can be sent to friends and families.

How to claim Tim Hortons roll up the rim?

To claim the Tim Hortons, roll up you will need to use these given steps.

  • When you’ve won a prize, there will be onscreen instructions for you to redeem the reward.
  • A coupon is provided for coffee, donut, and reusable cups for the prize. You can get them from the My Offers & Rewards segment.
  • Points as prizes are added to the account and can be directly redeemed in restaurants.
  • Digital gifts will be mailed to you after you’ve won.

Before you claim your Tim Hortons prize, you will have to activate it. Coffee, donuts, and reusable cup prize coupons can be activated from the My Rewards and Offers segment. After activating, the prize can be redeemed the next time the app is scanned or through the physical reward card.

How does the new Tim Hortons roll up the rim work?

Working involves few specifications as given below.

  • For winning, you need to purchase something that qualifies your Tim Horton roll.
  • While making the purchase, swipe the card or use the app.
  • Even delivery orders through the Tim Hortons app can be eligible for a roll.
  • You can know the results either from the website or the app.

Tim Hortons roll up the rim number code?

Different roll-ups might come with other rim number codes or promo codes. There are no check in codes for this year’s entry process.

When does Tim Hortons roll up the rim end?

The Tim Hortons rolls up the rim ends on 17th October 2021 by 11:59:59 pm ET.


If you, too, have received a mail for participating in the Tim Hortons roll up the rim 2021, you can read more about it here. Download the app or visit the website to create an account if you don’t have one.

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