How to Use Thorpe Park app [2024″ Updated]?

What is Thorpe park app?

To get the most out of your visit, use the official Thorpe Park app. Getting your directions, perfectly designed queue timings, the latest food and drink deals and much more can be availed with the help of the app.

You can get your latest deals on food and drink easily. The app can serve as your best companion for your trip to the island like no other.

how to use & download thorpe park mobile app

How to USE Thorpe park app?

Once you download the app from Google Play on your Android phone, this is how you can navigate through it.

  • Once you have the app, register yourself into it.
  • After registering in the app, on the top of it you have a search bar. You can find information about the various attractions, dining, shops, and facilities under different tabs.
  • You also have an explore tab.
  • Booking tickets through the use of the app can be facilitated easily.
  • You can also choose from tickets and passes, and even can do planning with the app in place.
  • There are three types of tickets to choose from- short breaks, theme park student tickets, and theme park extras. Book any by paying the price. You can use the billing methods suggested by the app.
  • There is even a facility for pass holders to book and reserve valid passes.

How to Download & Install Thorpe park app?

Google Playstore is the best site from where you can download and install the Thorpe Park app.

Click on the Install tab and then wait for a few seconds before it is downloaded.

APP Features

Several features serve to be making the Thorpe app a great one.

  • Planning the visits with the app is easy.
  • Using the planner would make your job easier.
  • Use the map to explore the different facilities present on the island.
  • Special offers and discounts can be checked and used through the app.
  • Queue times can be calculated and avoided by doing pre-bookings. Doing a check-in is also possible easily using the app.
  • The app can use your location services to keep you up to date with events, offers, and various activities.

Can you use apple pay at Thorpe park?

You can add Apple Pay at Thorpe Park.

  • To add Apple pay at Thorpe Park, you will have to click the icon which says ‘Add to Apple Wallet.’
  • From the right-hand corner on the upper side of the app, click on the add button.
  • When you see a pop-up with an Add option, you will have to add your pass to the wallet.

How much does Thorpe park pay?

Usually, the Thorpe Park players get paid at the rate of 8.75 dollars for every hour.

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