Thief Guard Mobile App install for Android (How to use)

The Thief Guard Mobile App of Bangladesh would protect users’ mobile phone. With the help of this app, users can immediately detect the location and the image of the thief.

When the app is installed on the user’s mobile phone, the thief cannot switch off the mobile phone after committing theft. It can neither be flushed nor controlled in any which ways by the thief, but the app will allow the controls to be only with you. 

Thief Guard Mobile App Download

Thief Guard promises to act as the third eye for the user. 

With the help of the app, users can set the Thief Guard motorcycle alarm systemThief Guard mobile security system and the Thief Guard app apk download.

The app is currently operational only in Bangladesh and would take some time to launch across nations. The app is a free trial app and once users have paid for the app; it can be used for a year from its date of purchase.

The application has some wonderful features which include;


  • – Selfie of the intruder
  • – Shut down stopping option
  • – Stop system connection
  • – Alarms to prevent pocket theft
  • – Silent camera picture option
  • – Ring & GPS setup
  • – Alerts for movements
  • – Unplugging charger option
  • – Passive location alerts for tracking down the phone
  • – Locking the device option and enabling SIM card security

How to use Thief Guard App Bangladesh?

Use Thief Guard App apk

Follow the below steps to use the Thief Guard app;

– After installation, open the Thief Guard app and update the user information into it.

– After updating the information, users have to sign in with the mobile number and password.

– Give all the permissions required to fully operate the app.

– From the app, turn on those options that can be of use to you. Like the intruder selfie option for acquiring the thief’s image and address. Additionally, you might also want to set up the way you want to receive the information about phone theft- through SMS or email. You can also choose both the SMS and email option.

– If in case you encounter any problem, you can call or email the Support team or get help through the website.

How to download Thief Guard App free?

Follow the below steps for the Thief Guard App download for free.

  • – Go to the Thief Guard’s website, and then download and install the app.
  • – The Product Manual contains the activation code. After installing the app, users have to scratch the product manual for the activation code. Insert the activation code to confirm the installation of the app.
  • – To download the app, from the website you might have to give certain permissions.
  • – Permit the app for third party access.
  • – If in doubt, go to Settings of your system. 
  • – From the Security tab of the Settings, click on Unknown sources if you want to download apps other than the Google Play store.

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