How to Play The Cook Game | Gameplay Video to get More Ingredients

Last updated on December 12th, 2021 at 03:57 pm

Cook for real and serve your delicacies or play a game! Are you amazed? Yes, you can play a game of cooking with this new cook- a 3D cooking game. There are many such apps but here’s a bit about one of the best in store for you.

The Cook game is the latest Cooking fever Android Game. Show your cooking skills. Get to know how to cook.

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Game NameThe Cook Game
Size 76MB
Current Version1.0.15
Ratings4.1 stars
Android Required5.1 and up

What is the cook – 3d cooking game?

Imagine having a van full of cooking stuff. What will you do then? Learn new recipes while traveling the world, of course. Or making the recipes you know better each day.The cook gameplay brings a perfect arena for those who live to cook.

The cook game

And then mix it and at last, You can cook the food.

the cook game apk

You can cut the vegetables and can also use the blender to blend it.

You can buy vegetables.

cooking games

In the cook game, you can customize unlimited dishes.

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The features of the 3D cook game online include,

  1. Learn new recipes by learning to cook lip-smacking recipes with what you have.
  2. The app brings you the money you need to procure other utilities for your kitchen.
  3. The app has an easy interface and proper directions for the newbies who join it.

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How to play the cook game?

Playing the cooking game is easy. You need to know how to cook and there can be nothing better than it.

  1. Download the game from the Google Playstore and Apple appstore.
  2. Soon after downloading open the stall and start taking orders.
  3. Serve the dishes and earn money from customers.
  4. Use this money to buy special cutlery and other essential items.
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  • Buy The vegetables.
  • Cut the vegetables.
cooking fever
  • Fry it in a pan on the heater.
  • Decorate it and then, at last, serve it.

How to get more ingredients in the cook game?

cooking game Unlimited vegetables

The cook game online brings you money that you need to collect from the people you serve the dishes can be used to buy more ingredients.

The cook game recipes

The recipes are not present in the app but the ingredients will already be there in the drawer. All you need to do is, choose the right ingredients, chop them well and then season them with toppings and garnish with spices before serving customers.

How to Install Cook Game


Here’s a bit about one of the best cooking game apps. Run around the world and pick up new skills. The 3D cook game is for free and anybody can download it to play it.

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