How to play Texas chainsaw massacre game beta?

Are you into gaming and if you are, you might be aware of Texas chainsaw massacre game?

The Texas chainsaw massacre game is designed as an altogether horror experience and is inspired by the iconic horror movie with the same name.

When victimized in the game, you will need to use your wits and stealth to be away from the reach of this family. You will also need to collect tools meanwhile to plan and evade their terrorising moves. The task of the slaughter family is to find out, and prevent the escape of their guests. Through this game, you can know if you are meant to be the one who can survive out there and if you are the one who can take what it takes to survive through various madnesses of living.

The game is bringing its beta version with a bit more trimming of the initial plan. You will find major changes in the menu and interface. Apart from it, when you try this beta version, you will find these changes alongside.

  • Players will have random players assigned to them and character assigning is possible once the lobby loading is complete.
  • Metagame no longer operates and will be reproduced in the society at a much later date.
  • Players will need to go solo where squads will no longer feature.

Those who take it up and want to report on a bug can use [email protected] as their email ID. Emailing the support team is essential as this way the whole team of Texas Chainsaw can understand better about the issues. This beta version is primarily to make changes to the issues being faced earlier.

If you want to participate, you must try to know more about the specs you’d need to play the Texas chainsaw massacre game.

It includes the following kinds of specs;

  1. i5 CPU with 8GB RAM or 30GB HDD or RTX 2070 for a 1080p 30FPS.
  2. For 4k 30FPS, try i7 CPU / 16GB RAM / 30GB SSD / RTX 3090
  3. If you opt for 4k 60FPS, you must go for i9 CPU / 16GB RAM / 30GB SSD / RTX 4090
  4. Those who want to have 1080p 60FPS can go for i7 CPU / 16GB RAM / 30GB SSD / RTX 3070.

All you need to do to participate is to add to their wish list so that whenever they put it out they would inform you of the same. The test is free for people who wish to participate and when they add you to the Tech Test, they would inform you of the same. Your status will also show up in the base game store page and yes they would only have a restricted number of seats for it.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which platform will be used for the test by them?

You will need to put through their test using the Steam PC platform.

When is the test scheduled?

It was done on 25th May 2023 and lasted the whole weekend. You wouldn’t need an NDA for the test and you can easily create, upload and stream content during the test tenure.


Here is what is most important to know if you plan to join the Texas chainsaw massacre game beta testing option. Even though the beta testing is already over, if you like the game, you can participate next in all their different occupations.

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