Tesco Clubcard online Guide-Is Tesco Clubcard free?

What is Tesco Clubcard application?

The TESCO Clubcard is a convenient way to shop from the supermarket. There are three kinds of Clubcards that include the Biz Clubcard, Clubcard and E-Membership. Shopping, getting discounts, using the Clubcard, earning rewards and points are some of the essential benefits given to shoppers who shop from TESCO.

TESCO points can be used for procuring shopping vouchers for intermediating future shopping. Even shopping at selected partners can give you selected vouchers and additional shopping coupons in a week.

All of us want to gain extra benefits from shopping, and if you are frequenting the supermarkets, do read the next segments to know more about the Clubcard offer for additional saving opportunities.

How to Apply for Tesco Clubcard online?

Tesco Clubcard application

To apply for a Clubcard online, you must follow the below process.

  1. From the official website, click on the My Clubcard Account tab.
  2. Check the mobile for the OTP (one-time password).
  3. Fill the online form and enter the details required.
  4. Once the information is added, click on the Submit tab.

What is Tesco Clubcard Application Requirements?

  1. One must be residing in the UK when applying for the Clubcard.
  2. You must be a TESCO customer.

Who is Eligible?

Shoppers must be 18 years and above. They must be residing in the country where you will be applying for the TESCO card and must be shopping at TESCO.

How to get Tesco Clubcard application form?

You can get the Clubcard application form online. You can also register with the site offline simply by giving an RM10 registration fee if there is a need. For replacing a lost or stolen card, an RM8 fee is applicable in the process. Any amount spent incurs an equal number of points. Checking points,

Is Tesco Clubcard free?

Tesco Clubcard is free to use, and there is no charge for its online procurement process.

How long does Tesco Clubcard application take?

The registration process can take anywhere from 24 hours to 48 hours.


The TESCO Clubcard is one of the conveniences when visiting the group. Try to use the Clubcard whenever required as it is a great way to get extra benefits whenever shopping online or offline.


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