Apply for Tenncare application Online & Know Requirements, check status

What is Tenncare application?

The Tenncare app is for the Tennessee residents who have applied for Cover kids, Tenncare, and even the Medicare Savings Program. With the app in place, you can surf through many of the self-service features present within the app. 

Additionally, accessing coverage is possible from any location, apart from uploading documents, reading letters, and reporting different changes from the comforts of your phone straight away.

Check your account, upload photos, clarify doubts, read the appeals here on this website. Managing benefits is never as easy as it is with the Tenncare app.

tenncare application online

How to apply for Tenncare Application online?

To apply for the Tenncare application online, follow the below process.

  1. First, add your ZIP code to determine if you are eligible to apply for the Tenncare application.
  2. Once you find the plans, you will be given an option to read more about the free plans available in your vicinity. 
  3. Once you choose the Yes option, you will be taken to the plans, and if you select the No option, you will be taken to the benefit application form. Choose a program and then click on it to read the terms and conditions.
  4. An 18-year-old US citizen is eligible to apply for the plans mentioned under Tenncare.
  5. Start completing the application form by adding your name and email address.
  6. Then, add all your demographic and financial details, including your SSN.
  7. Finally, submit the application form, and to do so, click on the Submit tab.

What are application requirements?

The TennCare application requires fulfilling the below-given eligibility requirements.

  1. Children below 19 years and pregnant women can apply for it.
  2. Applicants must be permanent Tennenese US residents. Even qualified non-US citizens can also apply.
  3. Applicant’s earning must be 250% below the Federal poverty level (FPL).

How to check Tenncare application status?

Your Tenncare application status can be checked by dialing this 855-259-0701 number. You can also chat with them from their website by clicking on the chat sign.

is tenncare free?

It’s free health insurance, and Tenncare is nothing but Medicaid. It provides a combined medical and health care package.

is Tenncare Medicaid the same as cover kids?

Medicare is Tenncare and is not the same as cover kids.

how long does it take to be approved for tenncare?

It takes up to 45 days to get your application processed and approved.


Tenncare offers attractive options for those who need it the most. Check the several free healthcare options from the ones provided. Now select the one you wish to apply for, and then fill the application form. If you have any queries, you can also contact their help center. Read about the Tenncare Medicaid plans in this article.

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