Taz Credit Card Pay your Bill Payment Online/Offline Easily

Credit cards that are used in stores are generally very specific and cannot be used everywhere. Taz credit card is quite different from all other credit cards. The reason why Taz is special is that it is associated with Visa, so you can use this credit card almost in every other store.

So far people are very happy using Taz credit cards. As the number of customers increases another thing that increases is their questions. So in this article, we will answer FAQs related to Taz credit card, bill payment methods, and cancellation process.

How to do Taz credit card login?

In order to login using your details is not a rocket science. We understand that if you are a new user then it may be a bit confusing and more importantly there is always a fear of doing something wrong. No need to worry about this we have got all the steps that you need to log in for the Taz credit card.

Step 1: Open your browser on laptop or mobile phone and search for the Taz website. Many people have complained that they are unable to find the official website of Taz. So here is the link to the Taz credit card.

Step 2: While registering for your account you get your own credentials. Enter those credentials like your Username and Password. Then click on the “Log In” button on the right side of the tab.

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How to Taz visa credit card Pay bill Payment?

We can categorize all the bill payment processes into 4 different methods. Well, there are several other methods as well, but they include other websites or apps. So if you want to use only those methods that are suggested by the credit card company itself then continue reading the article.

Online method:

So far you must have known how to login, so first step is to log in and then go to the payments section. Now you have to check your credit bill and pay that amount.

Paying credit bills by using your phone:

If you search for the phone number of Taz to pay your bill you can get that easily, we have also mentioned it in this article. So all you have to do is to call on that number and the rest is to follow what they ask you to do.

By sending a mail:

If you do not want to use your phone for paying your bill, then you can send mail. Check your bill, enter the amount on a check and send it to the mailing address of the Taz credit card company.

Offline, by visiting the store:

Find a store that accepts Taz credit cards and simply pay your bill at the counter of that store.

What are the Interest rate & Late fees?

No fixed information is mentioned on the official website of Taz regarding its late fees and interest rates.

But in general, the average interest rate of APR is between 25% to 30%, and the late fees are up to $40. The same can be applied to the Taz credit card as well.  

How to cancel Taz Credit Card?

If you want to cancel your Taz card all you have to do is to call their customer service number. They will ask you certain questions, and then you can cancel your credit card. If this doesn’t work then you can go to the contact us section of Taz on their website and send an email to them.

Customer Service Number

The customer service number of the Taz credit card is 888-803-6634.


Taz credit card is associated with Visa, that is why people have also gained the trust and started using this credit card. You won’t regret purchasing this card.


What is the Taz credit card Payment Phone number?

For payment options or for canceling the credit card, you can simply call Taz credit card’s service number on 888-803-6634.

What is Taz’s credit card Payment mailing address?

One of the safest but most time-consuming ways of bill payments is via mail. Here is the mailing address of the Taz credit card:

Payment Address

Taz Visa
PO Box 2876
Omaha, NE 68103

Correspondence Address

Taz Visa
PO Box 5081
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5081

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