How to Register in Tawakkalna Covid-19 KSA App?

Tawakkalna Covid-19 KSA:- The Saudi Ministry of Health approved Tawakalna Application (Covid-19 KSA) as the official Healthcare application. Formulated by the National information center, the Tawakkalna app is introduced to prevent and keep a check on Coronavirus spread.

This application offers instant information about the active number of Coronavirus cases in the region. The Tawakkalna APK assists in the early detection of positive cases once the person has shown Covid symptoms.

tawakkalna app apk download

The residents and citizens of the kingdom are allowed to request moving permits in special circumstances. Tawakkalna app notifies the people if they are passing by an isolated or infectious area.

The application allows people to report active or suspected Covid cases and help them get the best medical care possible. In this article, we will learn more about the application and its useful features.

How To Register Dependents In Tawakkalna App

If you are looking for how to register Tawakkalna App, you can follow this section. 

Step 1:- To register the application one must learn about the Tawakkalna app, download the APK first and then follow up through the signup process.

Step 2:- Now you can enter the ID, date of your birth, followed by agreeing on the applicable terms and conditions.

how to register Tawakkalna App

Step 3:- Soon you will receive a verification code on your device, you can enter this code to complete your application registration process.

Step 4:- In the Tawakkalna app, you can register in two possible ways– when you are registered with Absher, and when you are unregistered with Absher

For tawakkalna registration without Absher, You would require a recommendation through mobile number verification from any registered user.

Step 1:- You can log in to the Absher account, select individuals and services, and fill in the mandatory fields.

Step 2:- Once the process is complete, you can consider verifying a mobile number for Tawakkalna

If you want to learn how to sign up in Tawakkalna App with Absher, you will have to sign up with the application and fill in your details. Soon you will receive a verification code, you can create a password and proceed with the covid-19 survey.

tawakkalna registration without absher

Tawakkalna Covid 19 KSA apk Download Free

Install For Android

Apple user can do tawakkalna app download apk from applestore. Just search the app name and click on install button.

How To Use Tawakkalna App

The Saudi government launched the Tawakalna App download free to help the localities in keeping track of Coronavirus infections and cases.

The application has been constantly updated to integrate the information regarding vaccines, individual case reports, infected reports, covid-19 passport information, and many more.

Application has a distinctive interface that is unique and useful to the users.

The management team of this application announced that the team is ready to resolve any issue that may arise with application usage.

Users can explore various features of this application such as digital identities, booking of covid-19 tests, dashboards, and so on. 

The application can be used by the individuals, during the whole or partial ban, or for expressing the delivery application permit. 

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Tawakkalna Sign Up Problem

Despite the utility of Tawakkalna registration online and application features, users have consistently struggled to use the application. The application was flooded by new users that in turn resulted in the Tawakkalna verification code not received and fix the system error.

Residents who wanted to use the application initiated the registration process. However soon they received the error message on the screen. Some users have even complained about the application registration in less than a few hours.

However, you can try these steps to solve your problem

  • Clear the app cache from the application settings. And check the app, is it working fine now?
  • If this doesn’t work, reinstall the app.
  • If all this not works, then wait for the app update.

Tawakkalna Customer Care Number

The government of Saudi Arabia is determined to preserve the safety and efficacy of its citizens from the spread of covid-19. The customer care number that the residents can use with their Tawakkalna login is 8001 2899 99. You can also reach out to the customer care service at [email protected]

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