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Tangerine is not a typical bank that offers credit cards to its customers with wonderful reward schemes. Instead, it operates through a café. Yes, that’s right! Their work hours are pretty much in-tune with the time when you have time to visit a bank.

Interestingly Tangerine too helps you look after your finances but gels in the more user-friendly component in its credit card module.

There are two Tangerine credit cards, to choose from-

  • A normal money back credit card whose sole purpose is to give you back some cash for all that you have spent on your purchases.
  • Another one gives you more freedom as it brings with it the MasterCard facilities.

Benefits vary from one credit card to another. You can go for the one whose rewards suit you better than the others.

Both credit cards notably do not ask for an annual fee.

Some key features are common to the cashback credit card as well as to the MasterCard while some are different.

Using these credit cards would require having an account with Tangerine. To have an account, you must register with them online. An online account with Tangerine is required as they do not operate through brick-and-mortar branches but instead have opted for only online services.

Late Payment feeVariable
Return Payment feeNot applicable
Cardholder feeNil
Interest-free PeriodNo interest-free period on cash advance or balance transfer

How to activate Tangerine credit card?

Activating the Tangerine credit cards- the MasterCard or the money-back credit card requires completion of the following steps.

  1. Sign in to your Tangerine account from your laptop or your mobile.
  2. Press the Spending tab from the list of available options and click on the credit card type that you want to activate.
  3. If you are a desktop or laptop user, you will get the Activate tab soon after you click on your credit card option.
  4. When you are a mobile user, you will need to click on the More actions tab to get to the Activate tab. Once you see the Activate tab, click on it.
  5. You will next see a space where you must enter your CVC number alongwith your PIN. Once done, press the Activate tab to complete the process.
tangerine credit card

How to do Tangerine credit card login?

Tangerine credit card login is possible by visiting the given link here.

For personal accounts: Incorporate your login username, move onto the next page. Add the 4-digit or 6-digit PIN and then press the login tab.

For Business accounts: Visit the Business tab to add the login credentials.

how to use tangerine

Add the Business client number on the first page followed by the PIN on the next.

How to Tangerine Credit card Pay Bill payment?

Online bill payment is an option though Tangerine promotes bill payment through Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and also through your Apple Pay options.

But, like other credit cards, you can also use your online bill payment option.

  1. Visit the Payment section
  2. From there, go to the Pay bill segment.
  3. Add your bill amount and also your credit card or current account details.
  4. Press the Pay Now option to complete the payment process as your payment securely passes through the payment gateway.

Interest rate & Late fees?

The late fee is variable and if you pay the minimum $10 per month, you need not pay a late fee.

Interest on purchases comes up to 19.95% for the Tangerine credit cards.

How to cancel?

A specific cancellation process is not given for the Tangerine credit card on their site.

But it does say that you can contact them for cancelling your credit card.

Different ways to contact the Tangerine credit card are present in the link here.

  • Try going online
  • Go face-to-face
  • Drop a mail
  • Call them up
  • Use their chatbot

What is Tangerine credit card payment mailing address?

Tangerine typically promotes payments through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even Samsung Pay. But, they also do not indicate that you cannot pay your credit card bills through mails. If you cannot use any of the above modules of payment, mail them a check or a money order with your bill to the address given below: Tangerine 3389 Steeles Avenue, East Toronto, Ontario, M2H 0A1.

What is Tangerine credit card payment phone number?

If you want the Tangerine credit card payment phone number, try reaching out to them at 1-888-826-4374 (the services on this number are available both in French and English).

To make calls to them from outside Canada, try 416-758-3139 and services can be available both in French or English for your convenience.


Do you want to know more about the payments and the login process for the Tangerine credit cards? Turn to this article and once you read it completely, you can easily navigate through the login and payment steps.

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