How to Open an Account using Synchrony Bank App?

What is Synchrony Bank app?

Synchrony is an online bank that has been serving customers for almost 80 years now. Synchrony is not a mortar-and-brick infrastructure; thus, they can pass on the profits they make to their users.

The bank has created accounts keeping in mind all types of users. Thereby the app is not only user-friendly but aids by supporting all kinds of font sizes, using optimal readability colors to make online banking easier than anticipated. With the Synchrony app, you can Open An Account easily and can also Register Online.

synchrony bank app download open account register online

Track all your account activity from anywhere, whenever you want. Deposit checks through your mobile device, open new accounts within minutes and link your Synchrony bank account to other external bank accounts for ease of money transfers.

How to download Synchrony bank App online?

Synchrony bank app works online on all the web browsers.

Additionally, it can also work on Android and iOS devices.

For Android

For Android application download it from Google Play Store. Search for the Synchrony bank app and then click on the Install button.

For iOS

For iOS devices, one can easily download it from Apple Appstore. Search for the Synchrony app from the iOS Apple platform and then click on the Get button.

How do I Pay My synchrony Bill Online?

To tune in to pay “my Synchrony bill online” you’d need to follow the below steps.

  • Register your account once you have opened their web page or downloaded their app.
  • To register follow these two steps- social security number and birth date and then you have to click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Once registered, activate the Pay without login feature.
  • This can be done simply by checking the tab that would identify the login device as your personal device and would remember you every time.
  • After checking on that tab, you can easily find out the pay without login button with which you can easily use Synchrony to PAY your bills.

How to Open an Account using Synchrony Bank App?

Synchrony is an online bank platform and it hardly takes a few minutes of yours to open an account with it.

To Synchrony Bank Register Online or open an account, you’ll have to take the below steps.

  • Click on the Synchrony website page from where you can easily open an account.
  • The first thing you’d be asked is, if this is your first account with them or if you’re a customer already.
  • Once you put your preferences as a first-time user, you’d be taken to the online form which you would have to fill up.
  • Answer your “About you” which includes your Personal details and Social security number
  • Further, you will have to choose your product, review their terms and conditions by checking the checkbox, and then you need to get your online access, and then add money to begin your account process.
  • Usually, by filling up all these pages, your account would be active in no time and would be ready for use.

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