Sweatcoin App: How to EARN Money & withdraw it? Legit or Not

Have you heard of something called “sweat it to earn it?” Well, it looks like this notion is true in the case of Sweatcoin.

This is the app that pays you highly valuable cryptocurrency in return for your fitness activities.

What is the sweatcoin app?

Digital currencies are all over trying to find a way to make their mark in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market. So, has Sweatcoin, a new digital currency found a way to popularize itself by letting people earn Sweatcoins by running or walking.

For this purpose, they have introduced a new app called the Sweatcoin app which is free to download and use.

what is sweatcoin app & How to earn money from sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a blockchain-based digital currency that is mined through physical activity instead of solving complex mathematical problems, unlike Bitcoin mining.

This is the first digital currency that can be mined through physical activity. Sweatcoin relies on real-life steps to generate SWC tokens. Another interesting thing about Sweatcoins is that you are guaranteed to get SWC tokens once you have walked or run the necessary limit. There is no probability here.

How to earn money from sweatcoin app?

The Sweatcoin app runs in the background and tracks the steps you walk throughout the day and then you get to earn 1 Sweatcoin per 1000 steps you have walked. Meanwhile, runners can earn 1 SWC in 8 minutes. 

With a free mover membership level, you are entitled to earn up to 5 SWC coins per day of which 5% will be deducted as conversion commission. But you can upgrade your membership level free of cost anytime and the only thing needed for an upgrade is the increased amount of steps needed to be done daily. So, the more you walk, the more you earn. 

Later, users can redeem the coins either as PayPal rewards or use it to purchase running shoes, digital watches, electronics, health energy drinks, or download music. The offers are dynamic and keep getting refreshed frequently but there is always some offer to redeem for sure.

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How to sweatcoin app download?

You can download the Sweatcoin app from Google Play for Android smartphones and Apple App Store for iPhones.

How to withdraw money from sweatcoin app?

It is fairly easy to cash out Sweatcoin when you hit the threshold level. You will get the option to redeem your rewards. It is then that you can purchase PayPal offers with Sweatcoins.

Once you have done so, you will then receive an email with the code. Next, you have to provide your PayPal account and then you will receive the code to your email address.

Is Sweatcoin app safe?

Yes, the app is absolutely safe. The best part of using this app is that it keeps your data completely private and never sells it to any third party.

Is sweatcoin app LEGIT?

The Sweatcoin app is an absolutely legit and genuine app. It is a 100% real app that offers real cryptocurrency to its users. People can earn Sweatcoins that they can use in the Sweatcoin marketplace.

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