How to Use Swasthya Nidhi App & do Registration?

Swasthya Nidhi app is a health audit application for this COVID-19 scenario. It is used for surveillance. The app apk is successfully tested in Jammu region and is now spread to 7 other states.

swasthya nidhi app Download

How to Download Swasthya Nidhi app?

For Android devices, Swasthya Nidhi mobile app apk download free can be done by following the below procedure.

  • Go to Swasthya Nidhi app.
  • In here you find five subsegments- Field executives, Supervisors, Medical officers, BMO and CMO.
  • So, if you’re a supervisor, BMO or CMO you can use the web portal.
  • But if you’re a BLO’s Field Executive or a medical officer, you can download the app for 24-hour surveillance.
  • Simply click on the download button and allow the download to happen.
  • You can click on the checkbox for Menu>Settings>Security>download from unknown sources.
  • Once you have allowed access you can download it and then click on the Install button from the pop-up that comes up on your screen.
  • Once done do the registration process by uploading your phone number and creating a password.

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How to do Registration & USE Swasthya Nidhi App?

For BLO’s you can download the data capture app to do registration and use the Swasthya Nidhi app apk.

  • Go to app download by clicking on the link given under the subsection of Field Executives (BLO).
  • Now install the app, remember to turn on the permission to download apps from unknown sources.
  • Register with the app by filling in the phone number and password.

How to update survey data to

To upload the survey data to, follow the below procedures.

  • You have to log in to the SwasthyaNidhi app with the telephone number and password.
  • Based on your job specialization, click on the options given on top of the app.
  • If it is a report for a new user or a group of patients from a specific location, go to that specific section and add your report.
  • For doctors, you can separately add to the list with patients who need care and those who don’t need any intervention.
  • You can visit your respective section, login to your specific dashboard section, read your dashboard manual, and standard operating procedure before going to the dashboard.
  • Now fill in your respective duty list easily from the sections in your app.

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